Update : 2019.10.01  Tue  No : 505
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Social Desk
Hear the Rattling of Changsin Sewing Here
Stars twinkling in the sky above all night long / Leaves falling layer over layer and piling up / The spinning sewing machine keeps running. The lyrics are autumn parts o ..
2019.10.01  No : 505 By Oh Ju-yeong
In-depth on Society
What Makes Small Businesses Small?
The recent trade dispute between South Korea and Japan has made the Korean economy more unstable. In response, Park Young-sun, Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises ..
2019.10.01  No : 505 By Yoo Chan-heum
Social Desk
Human’s New Best Friend: Insects
Characters in the movie [Snowpiercer], released in 2013, eat protein blocks. The main ingredient of the protein block is, surprisingly, cockroaches. Just like they ate ..
2019.09.03  No : 504 By Jung Min-yeong / By Yoo Chan-heum
Hand in Hand: Sanitary Pad and Women’s Emancipation
Even if the hot summer has passed, the heat is currently underway in September now. In this season of high temperature and humidity, women’s discomfort index will be es ..
2019.09.03  No : 504 By Oh Ju-yeong
Hidden Stories about Busan: How Refugees Endured
When we take a trip to Busan we enjoy taking pictures of the summery vibe or relaxing on the beach. But when the Korean War broke out, the Busan ocean retained the eyes ..
2019.06.07  No : 503 By Oh Ju-yeong
Should We Disclose the Faces of Convicted Criminals?
Every murder, rape and kidnap case shown on the news leads one group of citizens trembling in fear. A second group questions why the media does not allow the faces of criminals to be shown on television. Korean law protects the privacy of criminals under certain circumstances, which results in deb ..
2019.06.07  No : 503 By Jang Soo-hyun
Social Insight
The Seaweed is Always Greener in Somebody Else’s Sea
Many would have heard of K-Pop and K-beauty, but have you heard about K-FISH? Seaweed, tuna and sushi are frequently enjoyed seafood, but readers may be unaware of the ..
2019.05.15  No : 502 By Jang Soo-hyun
Do K-pop Idols Have to Go to the Military, Too?
Does the BTS have to go to the military too? All Korean males must serve two years in the Korean military service. BTS, a famous male pop group in Korea, has recently b ..
2019.04.05  No : 501 By Jang Soo-hyun
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Hear the Rattling of Changsin Sewing Here
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What Makes Small Businesses Small?