Update : 2019.10.01  Tue  No : 505
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HUFS x HUFS: Meet Your Alumni Mentor
In Korea, the relationship between the alumni and students of the same school is a precious one. The alumni act as guides to the yet-fledgling students of society, an u ..
2019.09.03  No : 504 By Park Chang-hwan
HUFS Signs Cooperation Agreement with ALASHJ
The Dept. of Arabic signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Arabic Language Academy in Sharjah (ALASHJ) on May 1, for the continuous cooperation of the development of Arabic education for foreigners. Following the signing ceremony, Dr. Mhamed Safi al-Mustaghanimi, the president of ALASHJ, gave ..
2019.06.07  No : 503 By Seo Won-young
HUFS Opens Job Coaching Day
HUFS’ Career Employment Center held a “JOB Coaching Day” event at the Seoul Campus Obama Hall on May 1, an event where seniors shared their own successful job experiences with students through career counseling. Hosted by the Career Employment Center, the event was sponsored by the Ministry of Empl ..
2019.06.07  No : 503 By Seo Won-young
Oh Joon Gives Speech at HUFS
Oh Joon, a former South Korean ambassador to the United Nations gave a special lecture in the Humanities Building at Seoul Campus to deliver a message of global peace on ..
2019.06.07  No : 503 By Choi Yoon-jeong
Winner of Man Booker International Prize Gives Special Lecture
Deborah Smith, the corecipient of the Man Booker International Prize in 2016 for translating Han Kang’s novel “The Vegetarian,” delivered a lecture about English and Am ..
2019.06.07  No : 503 By Jung Min-yeong
HUFS Wins a Prize Again
Three students from the Dept. of Industrial and Management Engineering won third place in the 2019 Analytics & O.R. Student Team Competition held by The Institu ..
2019.06.07  No : 503 By Kim Ji-hyeon
News Briefing
“How Come When It’s Us, It’s an Abortion, and When It’s a Chicken, It’s an Omelet?” ~George Carlin The Constitutional Court overturned Korea’s decades-old ban on abortion on April 11, which had stated that it was unconstitutional to bar women from terminating a pregnancy as it violates women’s r ..
2019.05.15  No : 502 By Moon Chae-un
Library Opens to Public
The temporary location of the library opened to the public on Oct. 15 to provide access to reference material during the reconstruction of the library. On Sept. 10, Se ..
2018.12.13  No : 499 Park Chang-hwan
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