Update : 2019.11.14  Thu  No : 506
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HUFS Remembers Farrukh and Mutal
May 9, 2019 is a date to remember for HUFSans. A fire that broke out in a residential dwelling near the North Entrance of the Seoul Campus took the lives of two fellow ..
2019.11.14  No : 506 By Park Chang-hwan
Dating on Sunday
Dear Mr. Jo: Yes, We Will Stop Using Rising Sun Flag
In recent months, Japan-South Korea relations seems to have hit rock bottom. The expelling of one another from their list of approved export destinations, played out wi ..
2019.11.14  No : 506 By Kwak Hyun-jeong
How About You
Various Opinions from a Festival Showing Various Cultures
The World Folk Culture Festival (WFCF) represents Global Campus where HUFSans can experience diverse cultures through the performances of various departments. WFCF show ..
2019.11.14  No : 506 Kim Ji-hyeon
Spotlight at HUFS
7,000 won-valued Heroism Equals to Our Boys’ Eight Hours
The season for the reserves is back. With reluctance, the troops answer to the call of duty and get ready to blow a whole day for their yearly training session. As for HU ..
2019.06.07  No : 503 Kwak Hyun-jeong
Spotlight at HUFS
In Remembrance of Farrukh Muminov (1996-2019) and Mutal Yuldashev (1997-2019)
On May 9, 2019, a fire that started in the kitchen of an apartment in a residential building near the north entrance of the campus took the life of Farrukh Muminov of the Department of International Economics and Law ‘16 and severely injured Mutal Yuldashev, ‘16 of the same department. Mutal was mov ..
2019.06.07  No : 503
Cover Story
HUFS’ 24 Hours: Tracing the Path of What the People Do for HUFS
We have probably run into the workers at HUFS. Since HUFSans are busy with their daily lives, they forget who is nearby working for the facilities and educational sites ..
2019.05.15  No : 502 By Oh Ju-yeong
For four days from April 4 to 7, Korea Travel Expo in COEX Exhibition Hall opened its doors for the 15th time. What distinguishes it from the previous ones, is now, for the very first time, the expo has invited foreign nationals to join the locals in representing Korean regions ? and some HUFSans gl ..
2019.05.15  No : 502 By Gintare Ziceviciute
Two Voices on One Pitch
The HUFS World Cup match between the College of Chinese’s Feihu Football Team and Football Club Global Student Association (FC GSA) took place on April 3, 2019. The match ended in a loss for FC GSA. Following the match, there was strife between the referees and the players of FC GSA. On April 5, 2 ..
2019.05.15  No : 502 By Jang Soo-hyun / By Park Chang-hwan
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HUFS Remembers Farrukh and Mutal
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Dear Mr. Jo: Yes, We Will Stop Using Rising Sun Flag
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Various Opinions from a Festival Showing Various Cultures
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