Update : 2019.11.14  Thu  No : 506
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Culture Desk
Open New Doors to Electronica
Have you ever heard of “The Faceless Duo?” Have you ever seen a duo wearing a flashing helmet resembling an electric pressure cooker? One wears a flat-eyed helmet and the ..
2019.11.14  No : 506 By Kim Min-ji
Photo Essay
Is a Danish and Norwegian word explaining the mood of coziness and well being. It is also the practice of recognizing and enjoying the small things in our lives turning ..
2019.11.14  No : 506 By Jang Soo-hyun
Calm as a Cloud, Unhyeon-gung
Seoul, which was the capital city for the 500 years of the Joseon Dynasty, left behind several well-known palaces, including Gyeongbok-gung, Changdeok-gung and Deoksu-g ..
2019.11.14  No : 506 By Mun Ji-hyun
Culture Desk
Another Two Eyes Watching Gleaning
This September, The Argus delves into the past, present, and future of agriculture. Unlike the single cover stories designated in previous issues, each section has a cove ..
2019.09.03  No : 504 By Kim Min-ji
In-depth on Culture
Basketball; What Makes it Lose Popularity
“Korean Basketball is losing popularity right now,” said Ha Seung-jin, who had played for the Korean national basketball team and the National Basketball Association(NB ..
2019.09.03  No : 504 By Kim Ji-hyeon
Culture Insight
Disney Live-action Revivals
Everyone is probably familiar with the Disney film introduction with flames drawing a half circle over the shining white castle with fireworks exploding as familiar mel ..
2019.09.03  No : 504 By Choi Yun-jeong
Parallel Code
Welcome to Namiya General Store
Everyone must have wanted to express their worries at least once. Sometimes just telling a story to someone can be a boost. Here is someone who performs this role very ..
2019.06.07  No : 503 By Jang Yu-jin / By Kim Min-ji
Essay Contest
The Argus Prize 2019 English Essay Contest
In May, The Argus hosted the 2019 Essay Contest for HUFSans. Undergraduate students wrote 800-word essays on one of the four topics: Party politics, South Korea’s Anti-abortion Law, Burning Sun Gate and US-China Trade War. A great many students submitted their writings, showing their passion for Eng ..
2019.06.07  No : 503
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Open New Doors to Electroni
The Human Footprint pt.3: I
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Even If It Fails Epilogue
Binary System of Semiconduc
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Even If It Fails Epilogue
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Dear Mr. Jo: Yes, We Will Stop Using Rising Sun Flag
How About You
Various Opinions from a Festival Showing Various Cultures
Culture Desk
Open New Doors to Electronica
Photo Essay
Calm as a Cloud, Unhyeon-gung
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What They Hide behind a Smiling Mask Is Their Shattered Egos
What's Up Crossers!
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Binary System of Semiconductor