Update : 2017.10.10  Tue  No : 489
제목 본문 이름
Stories Behind the Stages Told by Musical Director
As the scale of the webcomic market grows, various works that are derivatives of webcomics are being made. Recently, the webcomics “Infinite Power” and “Secretly Greatly” ..
2016.04.06  No : 477 By Park Se-in
Dating on Sunday
Review the Old, Learn the New, and Widen Your Vision
  The new year has come, and still controversies remain within the Korea-Japan relationship. Korea and Japan are close in proximity but not in terms of their fe ..
2016.03.09  No : 476 By Byeon Hee-jin
How About You
What Do You Think about School Cafeteria?
Sound #50791: “I was studying at the school dormitory during the whole winter session, and a number of students, including myself, were having difficulties finding a plac ..
2016.03.09  No : 476 By Chung Hae-yun
A DAY with HUFS Care Patrol
Since September, HUFS has been operating the HUFS Care Patrol along with the HUFS Police on the Seoul and Global Campuses separately, trying to prevent safety accidents a ..
2015.12.14  No : 475 By Jang Eun-ae Associate Editor
How About You
President's Promises in Compromise
It has been two years since Kim In-chul was elected as the 10th HUFS President. His four-year term is almost half spent. How much has President Kim achieved during his ..
2015.12.14  No : 475 By Choi Yun Reporter of Campus Section
The Argus Prize
The Argus Essay Contest 2015
The Argus held The Argus Prize 2015- English Essay Contest on topics covering campus issues in November. Students wrote 800 word essays choosing from one of the six topics of 1) college students' housing problems, 2) “sampo generation,” which refers to people in their 20s giving up on dating, gett ..
2015.12.14  No : 475
The Argus Essay Contest 2015
The 21st Century Renaissance: It starts from universities opening their gates
The lives of most individuals in industrialized nation-states are dominated by the hustle and bustle of daily, mundane routines, from getting fresh cups of coffee early in the morning to rushing from one meeting to another throughout the day. In particular, the technological revolution has engulfed ..
2015.12.14  No : 475
The Argus Essay Contest 2015
Why it came to present and how it can be rooted out
To a typical question “What do you do?” which people often ask others when they first meet them, “I am just a chee-jun-sang” has become somewhat common answer to many people today. Cheejunsangis a coined and short term for ‘job seekers’ in Korea. This word is being widely used among Korean people es ..
2015.12.14  No : 475
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