Update : 2018.09.03  Mon  No : 496
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Youth Casting
Society with Zero Disadvantaged
An agreement to prevent discrimination against single mothers and fathers was made on Aug. 24, at Seoul City Hall. The agreement implies that there are many disadvantag ..
2016.10.06  No : 481 By Choi Ye-jin
Cover Story
Where Do Our Cell Phones Go?
On Aug. 19, Samsung unveiled Galaxy Note 7, and Apple is about to launch iPhone 7 on Sept. 16. Consumers in their twenties are interested in these new products and some ..
2016.09.08  No : 480 By Choi Ye-jin
Cover Story
Suggestions for Zero E-Waste
According to the Korean Federation for an Environmental Movement, Korea is a country where IT is highly developed, but it is also a country that exports a lot of electronic waste. A few years ago, many people were concerned about this issue due to the campaign called “Zero E-waste Day.” However, p ..
2016.09.08  No : 480 By Choi Ye-jin
Youth Casting
Simple Twist on What You See
By Byeon Hee-jinAssociate Editor of Campus Section When you visit places that have a large floating population, you can see many overflowing garbage bins, making the r ..
2016.06.08  No : 479 By Byeon Hee-jin
Brain Swap
Let’s Talk about our Appearance-oriented Society
By Byun Hee-jinReporter of Campus Section   Not even a month is left until the summer break. Korean students have a tendency to take good care of the way the ..
2016.06.08  No : 479 By Byun Hee-jin
HUFS Alumni Association in Need of Attention
By Byun Hee-jinReporter of Campus Section Last April, the HUFS Alumni Association created the Federation of Overseas Alumi by linking overseas alumni all over the worl ..
2016.06.08  No : 479 By Byun Hee-jin
Cover Story
The HUFS Student Council in a State of Emergency
The HUFS General Student Council (GSC) is facing an unprecedented state of emergency this year. It is the first time in HUFS history that both the Seoul and Global Camp ..
2016.05.16  No : 478 By Byun Hee-jin
How About You
To the Students Who Major in a Foreign Language: How Are Your Classes?
As HUFS is an abbreviation of Hankuk University of “Foreign Studies,” there are in total 45 different foreign languages. These diverse foreign languages are taught in v ..
2016.05.16  No : 478 By Byeon Hee-jin
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Trial and Error
The Ills of Overinflated Mi
Learning English Through Re
Secrets of Climbing the Cha
Placement System: For Whom
Haste Makes Waste
Proposed Registration of Me
Trial and Error
Learning English Through Revision
A Cartoon
Haste Makes Waste
Proposed Registration of Menstrual Cycles Evokes Controversy
CDTS Discusses S. Korean Diplomacy in Indo-Pacific Region
HUFS, CUFS Sign Cooperation Agreement
HUFS Receives Favorable Evaluation from QS
HUFS Professor Orchestrates Nation’s English Academia
HUFS Contributes to Community’s Education
Division of Media and Communication Strives for Media Education
HIMUN Holds Model U.N. General Assembly to Mark 60th Anniversary
HUFS Discussion Team Wins National Debate Championship
HUFS Inks MOU with Dongdaemun Ward for Students’ Mental Care
Institute of Russian Studies Explores Siberia Kolyma
In-depth on Campus
Placement System: For Whom Is This Policy Intended?
Improving the Problems of Common Hearing Aids
How About You
You Can Call Me Lee: A New Name for the HUFS Library
Cover Story
The Ills of Overinflated Minimum Wage
News Briefing
Round Talk
PUREUM Fights for Us and HUFS
In-depth on Culture
Secrets of Climbing the Charts
Culture Trip
Countercharging Pain with Art, Niki de Saint Phalle
One Lady Who Dreams of Digital Nomads
Photo Essay
In to STILLBOOKS A Bookshop with Inspiration
Sewn Me Anew: To the New Me