Update : 2018.11.01  Thu  No : 498
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One Lady Who Dreams of Digital Nomads
Recently, several iOS & Android apps have been released against the backdrop of The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Among them, the English learning app about 4IR called “GOOD2BREAD (GOOD Quote GOOD Life) - 4IR Practical English” was introduced on July 7. In particular, this app has be ..
2018.09.03  No : 496 By Na Geum-chae
Photo Essay
In to STILLBOOKS A Bookshop with Inspiration
Through the combination of independent book and book curation we can now find the potential of “books as art.” The bookshop STILLBOOKS at SOUNDS in Hannam?culture space, with a unique built-in patio structure ? is one of the best places to highlight this possibility. On the first floor, magazine ..
2018.09.03  No : 496 By You Seo-yeon
Sewn Me Anew: To the New Me
A new semester has just begun. By this time every year, at which the summer heat continues to affect pretty much all parts of the country before the autumn, there is a ..
2018.09.03  No : 496 By Moon Chae-un
Call Me by Your Name
The feeling of love is to awaken all the senses humans have. Especially, the first love in someone’s life will hold in his or her memory the most marvelous and mystical ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Jeon Nu-ri
Who Makes the Invisible Visible
Find the value of “how much” in the question, “How much do you love me?” This is the question An Min-jeong asks people through her work titled, “Answer the Following Qu ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Jeon Nu-ri
Culture Trip
Feeling Store, a Journey to Face Ourselves
Have you ever tried to understand feelings about a certain moment or of a day directly? There is now a store where you can buy precious time and space for reflecting about yourself. “Feeling Store, open the warehouse door in a moment (Feeling Store)” is a place where people can suddenly open their ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Seo Eun-sol
Cover Story
How We Feed Ourselves Food for Fun
Recently, many HUFSans became a little bit sad due to a local change. “Fish Gimbap,” a gimbap restaurant located near the HUFS Seoul Campus raised the price of every me ..
2018.05.04  No : 494 By Jeon Nu-ri
Who Are We on the Boat?
HUFSplay put on the 150th play “Out At Sea” in BRICs Hall (first floor, Graduate School building), Seoul Campus on March 16 and 17. According to the director Lee Yong-soo “Out At Sea” is like a miniature version of our society. People move, think and live in line with what society wants them to do ..
2018.05.04  No : 494 By Han Byeong-ji
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