Update : 2019.09.03  Tue  No : 504
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Photo Essay
Where Is Your Happy Place?
Everyone has a place where they could forget their stressful moment. Mine is on the boat. Where is yours? ..
2019.06.07  No : 503
The Meeting of Jeju and Jaeju: Rebirth of Marine Garbage
 *Jaeju means talent in Korean If you have traveled to Jeju Island, you have probably visited the beach at least once. Jeju Island is famous for its beautiful ..
2019.05.15  No : 502 By Jang Yu-jin
Photo Essay
The Walk Between the Touched and the Untouched
In the city of Sokcho lies a huge lake known as Yeongnang Lake. Yeongnang Lake played a large role during the fire that broke out in Gangwon Province on April 4 and 5 as helicopters used the water from the lake. However, Yeongnang Lake itself sustained damage from the fire. Walking around Yeongna ..
2019.05.15  No : 502
Culture Insight
Truman Is Back on Vlog
Truman, the main character of the 1998 film, “The Truman Show,” believes he has a normal life as a typical salary man, but his life is being broadcast live all over the ..
2019.04.05  No : 501 By Kim Min-ji
Parallel Code
Searching for Happiness: How about Traveling with Hector?
April is the month with midterm exams. Students spend long days studying for exams. Sometimes they get tired of preparing for the exams and ask themselves questions abo ..
2019.04.05  No : 501 By Jang Yu-jin / By Kim Min-ji
Cover Story
Dating App: A Love Messenger, but What Is Behind It?
There are various dating apps in Korea.Using these apps can offer good oppor-tunities to associate with new people. Thanks to their charm, the number of users is graduall ..
2019.03.11  No : 500 By Jang Yu-jin
Drawing Stories in Virtual Reality
The development of various technologies has enabled the public to enjoy culture in virtual reality. There are places where people can meet idols in holograms, and ride ro ..
2019.03.11  No : 500 By Jang Yu-jin
Culture Trip
Satisfy Your Five Senses? It Makes Sense in Convergence Art!
The sound of camera shutters is constantly heard in “Renoir: Scent of a Woman.” Couples, families and friends are all busy photographing each other. “I searched for the ..
2019.03.11  No : 500 By Kim Min-ji
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