Update : 2017.10.10  Tue  No : 489
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Culture Insight
Flagship Stores Flag Fresh Experiences
Last July, Kakao Friends opened its first flagship store in Gangnam. After only a month, thousands of people swarmed into the place, approximately an average of ten tho ..
2016.11.10  No : 482 By Lee Sei-yon
Photo Essay
Preparation for Winter
The reason trees turn red and yellow is because the chlorophyll inside the leaves breaks down so that trees do not photosynthesize during the fall and winter, as these seasons do not provide the trees with as much nutrition, water and sunlight as spring and summer.We are also preparing for the com ..
2016.11.10  No : 482 By Kang Young-joon
The Exact Title of Human Love
On Sept. 28, Google revealed that it would use its deep learning systems to offer a translation service. Deep learning refers to an artificial intelligence algorithm th ..
2016.11.10  No : 482 By Lee Jae-won
Round Talk
Speaking of Feminism, Talk with JUDI
With the misogynistic murder case at Gangnam station and Nexon’s dismissal of a feminist voice actress - misogyny controversies were big issues in Korea this year. A hot ..
2016.10.06  No : 481 By Byun Hee-jin
Photo Essay
Turn on the Light for Your Future
Midterm exams for this semester are coming again for all students. It is time to make your minds brilliant to achieve high scores on your exams. Many Korean students ar ..
2016.10.06  No : 481 By Jang Eun-ae Editorial Consultant
The Argus Prize 2016 English Essay Contest
공모 소재한국 대학가 또는 20대의 시사 이슈에 대한 분석* 아래 6가지 키워드 중 택11) 국제 사회에서 한국의 입지2) 청년 인턴3) Work-Life 밸런스4) 대학 언론5) 데이트 폭력6) 대학생 주거 응모자격한국외대 2016년 2학기 등록 학부생(서울 및 글로벌 캠퍼스) 접수 기간2016년 11월 07일(월) 21:00시까지 원고 분량Microsoft Word 폰트크기 10, 제목 포함 800단어 내외 보내실 곳hufsargus@gmail.com* 인적사항 기재 필수(이름, 학번, 학과, 연락처) 심사 기준전개 ..
2016.10.06  No : 481
Thank You for Joining the Puzzle!
2016.10.06  No : 481
Culture Insight
LET’S FUNATE! Donate and Have Fun
On July 16, the Bed Race 2016 took place at Ttukseom Resort, located adjacent to the Han River. This fun fund-raising event involved not only human runners but also a m ..
2016.09.08  No : 480 By Lee Sei-yon
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