Update : 2017.10.10  Tue  No : 489
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Culture Trip
Come to Hash The Wood, Meet Self Interior TREND
Last year, ‘cooking’ was an important cultural trend represented by lots of TV cooking programs. But this year, ‘self interior,’ which refers to people designing their ow ..
2016.04.06  No : 477 By Lee Jae-won
Cover Story
International Student Organization
We have seen that international students are not treated properly even though there are many of them. Meanwhile, there is an organization that helps interactions between ..
2016.04.06  No : 477 By Byun Hee-jin
Culture Insight
Read, Watch, and Play Webcomics
TvN's drama “Cheese in the Trap,” based on a webcomic of the same title, ended on March 1. Although it possessed a somewhat insufficient ending, it received a lot of at ..
2016.04.06  No : 477 By Park Se-in
In Relationship with HER
Have you ever heard about AI? It is the abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence. This term refers to the idea of creating a thinking machine. AI has been drawing more ..
2016.04.06  No : 477 By Kang Young-joon
Cover Story
The Coming New Reading Trend
How many books do you read these days? Do you know the best seller of this month?Adult̓s annual reading volume showed low figure at one survey, but several bus ..
2016.03.09  No : 476 By Park Se-in Reporter of Culture Section
“Spirits’ Homecoming,” the Unending Story
Recently, there has been a boom in movies provoking social debate at the Korean Box office. Three of the big hits of last year - “Assassination,” “Veteran,” and “Inside ..
2016.03.09  No : 476 By Lee Jae-won
Cover Story
Libraries in the Cinema
A cinema is a really familiar cultural space that everyone might visits at least once. Theaters once looked very similar to each other and only had a few differences. N ..
2016.03.09  No : 476 By Park Se-in Reporter of Culture Section
Brain Swap
How Important Is English in Your Country?
As the new semester arrives, Korean college students have set their sights on a good score on the TOEIC or TOEFL exams and plan on studying English. English is almost a ..
2016.03.09  No : 476 By Byun Hee-jin
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