Update : 2019.06.07  Fri  No : 503
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Buy One, Help One Woman
In 2016, news about a girl from a low-income family who had to use shoe insoles for her period shocked the whole Korean society. On average, a Korean woman spends 20,000 ..
2018.12.13  No : 499 Kim Tae-young / Jang Yu-jin
Social Insight
Local Festivals: Just for Fun Is Not Enough
Many districts in Korea hold various local festivals to attract tourists using Korea’s four distinct seasons. There will be lots of fares in this winter also. A local f ..
2018.12.13  No : 499 Kim Tae-young
In-depth on National
I Want to Be Free from the Cage!
What is the factory farming system?It is the feeding environment to pursue maximized production of meat and eggs and while minimizing costs by raising animal stock inte ..
2018.11.01  No : 498 By Jang Yu-jin
Where Should Refugees Go?
This year, there have been more than 500 refugee applicants who came to Jeju Island. The majority of these people are from Yemen and Egypt. Since their arrival, there hav ..
2018.11.01  No : 498 By Kim Tae-young / By Jang Yu-jin
Social Insight
Another Big Property: Nation Brand
What is nation brand?Nation brand refers to the sum of intangible values such as recognition, preference and reliability of a country, which are calculated for a nation b ..
2018.11.01  No : 498 By Kim Tae-young
Cover Story
Assa The Popularity of the Unpopular
“I think they think I’m a bit odd, you know. Some people call me ‘Loony’ Lovegood actually,” calmly spoke Luna Lovegood, a character from “Harry Potter,” a novel that h ..
2018.10.02  No : 497 An Kwan-ho
Round Talk
We Inspire Passion and Devotion
Volunteer activity and talent donation. Many of you have probably heard of these expressions, but think they represent something challenging. There is a good example th ..
2018.10.02  No : 497 Na Geum-chae
News Briefing
The Government Congratulates BTS Cheongwadae, the Korean presidential residence, and Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon congratulated BTS, a K-pop boy band, for taking the top spot on the Billboard 200 for the second time. The Blue House tweeted on their official account to celebrate BTS’s ranking. The p ..
2018.10.02  No : 497 By Jeon Nu-ri
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