Update : 2017.12.11  Mon  No : 491
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“Which Country Are You Working For?” Students Ask President Park
The 15th of last month was the 71st anniversary of Korea’s National Liberation Day. A long time has passed since we were liberated from Japanese colonial rule (1910~194 ..
2016.09.08  No : 480 By Choi Yun
Withdrawal of HUFS Journal: Whose Fault Is It?
After the final examination week and the spring semester were over, HUFSans began to go on their peaceful summer break. However, HUFS student society was chaotic from the start as a problem cropped up. HUFS Journal, one of the independent student presses was withdrawn forcibly by the school author ..
2016.09.08  No : 480 By Byun Hee-jin
News Briefing
Conflict about THAAD Continues The present government decided to station the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) weapon system in Sungju, North Kyungbook Province, on July 13, with the aim of providing a better defense against North Korea. After the government’s decision, the same conflict ..
2016.09.08  No : 480 By Byeon Hee-jin Editor-in-Chief
Cover Story
The PRIME Project Is Now of PRIME Importance to Universities
What if your major becomes unable to get enough financial support or even disappears due to the project the Ministry of Education pushes forward? This is actually occurin ..
2016.06.08  No : 479 By Lee Jae-won / Byeon Hee-jin
Cover Story
What Happened to Your Department
By Lee Jae-wonAssociate Editor of Culture Section As mentioned in the previous article, the Ministry of Education announced which universities it has selected for the “Program for Industry needs-Matched Education (PRIME) Project” on May 3. As of now, those chosen universities have to begin mergin ..
2016.06.08  No : 479 By Lee Jae-won
Nwes Briefing
Misogynistic Murder
By Jang Eun-aeEditor-in-Chief Misogynistic Murder Mr. Kim who is a suspect in a murder case stabbed to death a woman in her 20s. It occurred in a restroom located in Gangnam at about 1 a.m. on May 17. He argued that he killed the woman because he had been usually ignored by women even though he ..
2016.06.08  No : 479 By Jang Eun-ae
Empty Korean Animal Protection Act
Last October, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) conducted a survey of 3,000 people on their perceptions of how well the Korean law enforcement a ..
2016.05.16  No : 478 By Choi Yun
News Briefing
Reject the French Revision of the Labor Law Francois Hollande, the current President of France, argued for a revision of their labor laws. He proposed that working hours ..
2016.05.16  No : 478 By Jang Eun-ae Editor-in-Chief
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