Update : 2018.09.03  Mon  No : 496
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Candles Say,“You Did It, President Park”
“She did it!” This is what young kids commonly say when they did something bad by themselves or with their friend, to put the blame solely on their friend. Sadly, this ..
2016.12.08  No : 483 By Choi Yun
News Briefing
The Public Rallies Massive anti-government rallies have been taking place on Saturdays since Oct. 29. These demonstrations against President Park called for her resignation. The third demonstration, which took place on Nov. 12, was of an unprecedented scale of about one million people, breaking t ..
2016.12.08  No : 483 By Byeon Hee-jin Editor-in-Chief
Truth Which Hundreds of Candles Work to Illuminate
A single candle can illuminate an entire room. However, there is a place that could not be lit up by hundreds of candles, and is calling out for more of them: the Seoul ..
2016.11.10  No : 482 By Choi Yun
News Briefing
2016 Nobel Prize Awards The winners of the 2016 Noble Prizes were announced from Oct. 3 to 13. Typically, the Nobel Prize for Peace is the last to be announced, but this year, the literature award was the last to be announced due to its one-week postponement. The awards ceremony will be held in S ..
2016.11.10  No : 482 By Byeon Hee-jin Editor-in-Chief
Indepth on National
Private Certificate, a Disqualified Certificate
What is a Private Certificate?A private certificate is a license that is issued by a private institution, not a governmental institution. So far, as of September 2016, 22 ..
2016.10.06  No : 481 By Choi Ye-jin
Oxy OUT! Cries of Humidifier Victims Will Continue
In May 2016, a boycott campaign against the humidifier sterilizer company called Oxy Reckitt Benckiser (Oxy) was staged nationwide for a month with the whole nation’s f ..
2016.10.06  No : 481 By Byun Hee-jin
News Briefing
Earthquake Hits Korea An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8 hit North Gyeongsang Province of Korea on Sept. 12. According to the Ministry of Public Safety and Security, a total of 23 people were wounded and 1,118 cases of property damage were reported. This was the biggest earthquake that occurred ..
2016.10.06  No : 481 By Byeon Hee-jin Editor-in-Chief
“Which Country Are You Working For?” Students Ask President Park
The 15th of last month was the 71st anniversary of Korea’s National Liberation Day. A long time has passed since we were liberated from Japanese colonial rule (1910~194 ..
2016.09.08  No : 480 By Choi Yun
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