Update : 2018.05.04  Fri  No : 494
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HUFS Changes School Regulations
HUFS announced a change in school regulations on March 4, varying from minor to major regulations. There was a change on rules about leave of absence. It is clearly warranted up to a maximum of six semesters - which is equivalent to three years - can be taken off for every HUFSans, but if the reaso ..
2018.04.10  No : 493
HUFS Helps Revise Outdated Naver Dictionaries
On Feb. 28, HUFS agreed to a business contract with Naver, one of the largest South Korean online platforms, to revise the online dictionaries of 11 languages. With Na ..
2018.04.10  No : 493
HUFSPlay Finds Meaning in Middle of Their Play
HUFSPlay, the one and only HUFS drama club, successfully put on their 150th performance “In the Middle of the Sea” on March 16 and 17. at BRICS Hall located in the Grad ..
2018.04.10  No : 493
Annual Club Fair Hails HUFSans to Sign Up
  HUFS Seoul and Global Campus students organized a Spring Club Exposition on March 14-15, and on March 20, respectively, bringing both campuses together for ..
2018.04.10  No : 493
Prof. Kim In-chul Heads HUFS
Kim In-chul, a professor of the Dept. of Public Administration, holds the post of HUFS president gaining 249 votes among 477 total votes -52 percent- in a professor elect ..
2018.03.05  No : 492 By You Seo-yeon
Three HUFSans Receive Grand Prizes
Dept. of Industrial and Management Engineering students won the grand prize at the 13th Industrial Engineering Project Competition last November. They received an awar ..
2018.03.05  No : 492 By Han Byeong-ji
HUFS Holds 1st Sports Knowledge Concert
The Division of International Sports and Leisure of HUFS conducted the first sports knowledge concert at Minerva Complex Hall on Jan. 20. The title of the event “Spagh ..
2018.03.05  No : 492 By You Seo-yeon
Foreign Students Cannot Graduate on Time
HUFS foreign students had nightmares during the course registration period in the second week of February, stemming from three different issues: difficulties registerin ..
2018.03.05  No : 492 By Moon Chae-un
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