Update : 2018.03.05  Mon  No : 492
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A New Reading Program Begins
HUFS recruited for the first 2018 HUFS Life Academy. This program, which is aimed at sophomores and juniors, consists of Today’s Reader, Tomorrow’s Leader and HUFS Life Academy advanced programs. The first semester of 2018 is the start of this program, which aims to nurture and personalize the per ..
2018.03.05  No : 492 By Han Byeong-ji
Symposium of Transcriptions Held
The 5th National Symposium Graduate Students in Transcriptions and Studies  was held on Jan. 4 in the HUFS Graduate School BRICs International Forum Field.  Lecturers majoring in translation, students studying English attended the symposium. Active debates ensued on each theme am ..
2018.03.05  No : 492 By Seo Eun-sol
HUFSans Talk With the Vice President
A meeting was arranged where the students and the HUFS vice president could communicate at the Cyber Building, Seoul Campus on Oct. 13. The vice president, along with t ..
2017.12.11  No : 491 By Baek Oh-byung
HUFS Leads the Way in European Studies
HUFS, a leading university of European studies, established the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (JMCE) supported by European Union (EU). JMCE held the second JMCE EU Certificate Course at the Seoul Campus on Nov. 16 and 23.This center organizes a variety of events to educate students, conduct resea ..
2017.12.11  No : 491 By Han Byeong-ji
HUFS Broadens Students’ Horizons on Careers
HUFS Employment Assistance Center held the 2017 Global Job Fair from Nov. 1 to Nov. 2 at the Conference Hall on Global Campus. It was held to help students plan their c ..
2017.12.11  No : 491 By Kim Jin-ha
HUFS Fosters Future Korean Lang. Experts
Korean as a Foreign Language (KFL) Graduate School opened registration for its 2018 education curriculum on Oct. 2.Established on Sept. 28, KFL Graduate School cultivates the Korean Language education field experts specializing in each region of the country. It consists of several departments: Educa ..
2017.12.11  No : 491 By Seo Eun-sol
HUFSans Meet Up with Governor
An Hee-jung, gorvernor of Chungcheong Province, discussed his political beliefs on various topics raised at the Centennial Complex (main building) at Global Campus on Nov. 1.The speech focused on answering HUFSans’ questions after introducing himself for about 20 minutes. The questions were received ..
2017.12.11  No : 491 By Han Byeong-ji
Arabic Prof. Listed on ‘Marquis Who’s Who’
Professor Yun Eun-kyeong is listed in the world dictionary of people “Marquis Who’s Who 2017~2018” based on her continued study about Arabic linguistics, education, and culture. Professor Yun has published 35 papers, about 20 professional books and Arabic textbooks. She was also awarded the “2017 Ac ..
2017.12.11  No : 491 By Seo Eun-sol
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