Update : 2018.04.10  Tue  No : 493
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High School Students Trespass on Campus
HUFSans reported that some high school students caused chaos on Seoul Campus, raising questions about the university’s security policy. On Oct. 31, nearly 20 high school students tried to physically threaten people playing basketball on the basketball court. They also cursed at a HUFS Student Patrol ..
2017.12.11  No : 491 By Kim Jin-ha
HUFSans Call for Resignation of KBS CEO
HUFS students and the Union of Mediaworkers journalists, composed of HUFS graduates, demanded that the current KBS CEO and alumnus, Ko Dae-young, step down.The journali ..
2017.11.08  No : 490 By Baek Oh-byung
Ban Ki-moon Visits HUFS
The former Secretary General of  UN, Ban Ki-moon, gave a special lecture on “UN and Global Leadership in 21st Century” in Seoul Campus on Sept. 19.In line with ..
2017.11.08  No : 490 By Kim Jin-ha
HUFS Holds 27th World Folk Culture Festival
HUFS held a World Folk Culture Festival (WFCF) at the outdoor theater, Global Campus on Sept. 27.This year, 13 departments showcased folk dances and songs from around t ..
2017.11.08  No : 490 By Han Byeong-ji
Dept. of Russian To Hold Biennial Art Festival
The Department of Russian will hold the 17th Russian Art Festival on Dec. 2.The department announced that its aim is to let people experience Russia and contribute to spreading its culture. First part begins at 5 p.m. in the Humanities Building and the second part at 7 p.m. in the Cyber Building.The ..
2017.11.08  No : 490 By Kim Jin-ha
HUFS Selected as 2017 KOR, CHI Youth Exchange Organization
HUFS has been selected as an organization to help support the project of 2017 Korea, China Youth Exchange by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. This project started this year to promote friendship and understanding among youths from Korea and China, elevating cooperation between two nations ..
2017.11.08  No : 490 By Seo Eun-sol
HUFS Paves Way for Internship in Hong Kong
HUFS’ Center for Career and Employment has formed an agreement with KCCHK (The Korean Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong) to arrange a college student working holiday internship program.This program provides the chance for about 50 students annually to have internships in firms located in Hong Kong an ..
2017.11.08  No : 490 By Choi In-young
HUFSans Hike with Climber Um Hong-gil
HUFSAC and the Um Hong-gil Human Foundation hosted a mountain climbing event with Um Hong-gil on Sept. 16, held at Dobong Mountain. This mountain hiking was planned to ..
2017.11.08  No : 490 By Han Byeong-ji
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