Update : 2018.11.01  Thu  No : 498
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HUFS Responds to Fourth Industrial Revolution
HUFS signed a contract for educational cooperation preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Incheon  and Multicampus Corporation on May 10. HUFS w ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Na Geum-chae
HUFS Introduces Innovative Convergence Major
HUFS promoted the Innovative Convergence major which opened up since last year to apprise Seoul Campus students at the Minerva Complex on May 17. The Innovative Convergence major is a self-directed major system where students design their own major and complete double majors. Applications were acce ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Kim Tae-young
Student Counseling Center Uses Fine Art to Counsel Students
In May, the Student Counseling Center set up a fine art therapy program to help students deal with their stress. Students participated in drawing activities such as their most recent feelings and traumatic memories. The counseling center pinpoints that the stress comes from unknown mixed feeling ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Kim Hannah
Working Women Give Advice to HUFSans
On May 23 and June 7, on Seoul Campus, HUFS held a special talk concert where working women offer advice and know-how on their profession for HUFSans. Professionals from the global fashion and the IT service company will be the speakers on day one; automobile company and the global electronics comp ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Woo Hye-rim
HUFSans Prepare Spring Festival
Various clubs practice hard for the school festival from May 31 to June 1. In particular, the performance clubs rehearse a lot for their upcoming show. The clubs are going to play about two songs diverse of genres. A club is not run by an individual, but rather several people lead the club togethe ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Lee Jun-young
HUFS Opens 8th Russian Discussion Contest
The Institute of Russian Studies at HUFS and the Russian Embassy in Korea held a Russian discussion contest for Korean undergraduates at the Minerva Complex on Seoul Campus on May 18. It was held with the aim of raising interest in learning Russian and discovering students who have a talent in Russ ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Na Geum-chae
HUFS Recruits Prospective Software Specialists
On May 2, HUFS Office of Admissions posted the 2019 Special Admission Guide on the HUFS website. One remarkable change compared to the past is the addition of a new scheme, Software Specialist. Despite the trend of universities reducing the number of special admissions, HUFS created a new admission ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By An Kwan-ho
The International Student Organization (ISO) hosted HUFS GOT TALENT to offer students opportunities to show their talents and enjoy performances at the Cyber Building Auditorium of the Seoul Campus on May 15. Ten participants who advanced to the finals, including Korean and international students, ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Jang Yu-jin
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