Update : 2018.04.10  Tue  No : 493
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HUFSans Invite Congressman Yoo
The College of English at HUFS successfully hosted a lecture from Yoo Seung-min, a congressman of the Bareun Party, on Sept. 27.The event was held during the festival “ ..
2017.11.08  No : 490 By Choi In-young
Television Producer Kim Tae-ho Gives Speech
On Sep. 20, Kim Tae-ho, producer of a long-running popular Korean TV program entitled “Infinite Challenge.” visited HUFS to give a speech.He analyzed TV product trends as both “observation and sympathy.” Further, he picked sympathy and reading trends as artistic producer’s abilities. Kim said, “Sinc ..
2017.11.08  No : 490 By Seo Eun-sol
HUFS Commemorates Donors to Smart Library
A special event to report on the construction of the Smart Library and thank its donors took place at Lotte Hotel on Sep. 12.Up to 100 people including primary donors and HUFS alumni participated in the event led by Kang Young-eun, a current MBC announcer and the alumna of French Department. “It is ..
2017.11.08  No : 490 By Kim Jin-ha
General Assembly Called Off due to Low Student Participation
On Sept. 18, HUFS 51st Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) of Seoul Campus failed to open the biannual student meeting due to a lack of student attendees. According to ..
2017.10.10  No : 489
Menstrual Leave Now an Approved Absence
Menstruation will be regarded as a legitimate excuse for absence from this fall semester, relieving female students from the pressure to fight their menstrual pain to take attendance. According to the online announcement made at HUFS official website on Aug. 30, only two absences due to a period wi ..
2017.10.10  No : 489
Festivity Falls On Campus
HUFS students organized a Fall Festival from Sept. 13 to 15 on Seoul Campus, brightening the school spirit. To start off, students highlighted their singing skills at ..
2017.10.10  No : 489
HUFS Shares 60 Years of HUFStory
Starting this fall semester, HUFS will be running an exhibition at the HUFS Historical Archives to share the 60-year-old footsteps of the university. Located on the third floor of the building, the room exhibits a wide range of historical records including photographs and historical data compiled ..
2017.10.10  No : 489
HUFS Welcomes Students Worldwide
On Aug. 25, The HUFS Organization of International Student Association held a one-day orientation for international students newly enrolled for fall semester in Seoul Campus. Composed of two parts, the first took place at BRICS Hall, Graduate School of Education, specifically for regular students. ..
2017.10.10  No : 489
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