Update : 2017.12.11  Mon  No : 491
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HUFS Hosts Global Esperanto Competition
HUFS hosted the 102nd World Esperanto Competition from July 23 to 29, paving  way for participants to exchange culture and their academic achievements related ..
2017.09.08  No : 488
HUFS Book Inspires Interest in Goethe
“Goethe Lexikon,” a book published by HUFS Knowledge Press, an official publisher under the university, was selected as the Sejong Book of 2017 in the academic field by ..
2017.09.08  No : 488
GSIT Prof. Becomes First Council Member of FIT
Professor Kwak Joong-chol of the Graduate School of Interpretation & Translation (GSIT) is set to head the International Federation of Translators (FIT) as a Council Member for the next three years, for the first time as a Korean, the university announced on Aug. 3. Kwak served as the presi ..
2017.09.08  No : 488
HUFS Invites Linguistics Expert
HUFS Language Research Institute (LRI) hosted a special lecture at the Seoul Campus on July 14 by inviting Zygmunt Frajzyngier from the University of Colorado to speak. Frajzyngier delivered a lecture under the theme “Typology of functional domains: Implications from African data.” The LRI invites ..
2017.09.08  No : 488
EPC Vice President Resigns over an Embezzlement Charge Involving Public Funds
The vice president of the 51st Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) of the Seoul Campus, surnamed Nam, resigned after an allegation that he chronically embezzled about 2 ..
2017.06.19  No : 487
HUFS Funded by the Government 9 Consecutive Years
HUFS was selected as an additional beneficiary of the government initiative for Universities Contributing to High School Education (UCHE) for nine years in a row on May 9. HUFS, chosen for this program, will receive grants worth some 1 billion Korean won from the government. So far, HUFS contribu ..
2017.06.19  No : 487
HUFS Opens up Its Spring Festival
HUFS, with ardent student participation, successfully held Daedongje, an annual spring campus festival, from May 16 to 18 at the Global Campus and from May 22 to 23 at ..
2017.06.19  No : 487
DEL’s Name Change to Take Place
HUFS is waiting for the approval from the board of directors regarding the change of the official name of the Dept. of English Linguistics (DEL) to Dept. of ELLT (Department of English Linguistics and Language Technology). Based on business model of the CORE, the faculty proposed the reshuffle in ..
2017.06.19  No : 487
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