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HUFS Discussion Team Wins National Debate Championship
A team from the “Nogotte” debate club of HUFS won the grand prize at the 6th National Collegiate Population Debate Championship held at the National Assembly on July 6. In the final of the championship, organized by the Korea Population, Health and Welfare Association, the “Sangbusangjo (Helping ea ..
2018.09.03  No : 496 By Kim Tae-young
HUFS Inks MOU with Dongdaemun Ward for Students’ Mental Care
HUFS Student Counseling Center and Seoul’s Dongdaemun Ward Mental Health Welfare Center signed a memorandum of understanding on July 25 to provide students with mental health care and education. Under the agreement, both institutions agreed to actively cooperate with each other to promote mental he ..
2018.09.03  No : 496 By Kim Tae-young
Institute of Russian Studies Explores Siberia Kolyma
An expedition from the Institute of Russian Studies at HUFS explored the Siberia Kolyma Federal Highway, a road through the Russian Far East, from July 25 to Aug. 3 to ..
2018.09.03  No : 496 By Lee Jun-young
HUFS Creates ‘HUFS x HUFS Alumni Mentoring’
HUFS and the 31st alumni association organized “HUFS x HUFS: Mentoring over the generations and regions” for the first time. The opening ceremony was held on April 26. ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Jang Yu-jin
HUFS Responds to Fourth Industrial Revolution
HUFS signed a contract for educational cooperation preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Incheon  and Multicampus Corporation on May 10. HUFS w ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Na Geum-chae
HUFS Introduces Innovative Convergence Major
HUFS promoted the Innovative Convergence major which opened up since last year to apprise Seoul Campus students at the Minerva Complex on May 17. The Innovative Convergence major is a self-directed major system where students design their own major and complete double majors. Applications were acce ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Kim Tae-young
Student Counseling Center Uses Fine Art to Counsel Students
In May, the Student Counseling Center set up a fine art therapy program to help students deal with their stress. Students participated in drawing activities such as their most recent feelings and traumatic memories. The counseling center pinpoints that the stress comes from unknown mixed feeling ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Kim Hannah
Working Women Give Advice to HUFSans
On May 23 and June 7, on Seoul Campus, HUFS held a special talk concert where working women offer advice and know-how on their profession for HUFSans. Professionals from the global fashion and the IT service company will be the speakers on day one; automobile company and the global electronics comp ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Woo Hye-rim
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