Update : 2019.04.05  Fri  No : 501
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HUFS Responds to MeToo Affairs
HUFS President Kim In-chul sent an email on March 21 about how HUFS will respond to a series of affairs related to MeToo. He promised to find ways to prevent recurrence and secondary damage, and to provide better professional help for those in need. ..
2018.05.04  No : 494
EPC Sets Annual Student Meeting
The first half of the 2018 Annual Student Meeting of Global Campus was held at the Open-air Theater on April 10 by the 39th Emergency Planning Committee (EPC). There w ..
2018.05.04  No : 494
College of Occidental Languages Elects New Representatives
The election of the 52nd College of Occidental Languages was held in front of the Humanities Building and Student Hall & Dormitory on April 10 and 11. Kwon Jun-han (Dept. of French ‘15) and Park Chan-hun (Dept. of Russian ‘15) were elected as the president and vice president, respectively, ..
2018.05.04  No : 494
HUFS Commemorates 4.19 Revolution
On April 19, HUFS celebrated the 58th Anniversary of the Students April Revolution at the Main Building of the Seoul Campus to revisit the demonstrations of student activism against Rhee Syngman’s regime (1948-60). At the event there were three main speakers starting with HUFS President Kim In-chul ..
2018.05.04  No : 494
Dept. of German Wins 37th World Cup
The 37th HUFS World Cup began on March 26 and finished on April 6 with the winner being the Dept. of German. The match, which was played in a tournament style with th ..
2018.05.04  No : 494
Global Campus Library Upgrades Security
The 39th Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) of Global Campus “Ode to Youth” succeeded to secure a budget to facilitate the installation of a security gate at the Univer ..
2018.05.04  No : 494 By You Seo-yeon
Student Council Charges HUFS President with Unethical Practice
On March 5, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) of Seoul Campus sued Kim In-kyung, a HUFS alumna professional golfer currently playing on the LPGA Tour, and 40 professors including HUFS President Kim In-chul for special favor on grades. According to the st ..
2018.04.10  No : 493 By Moon Chae-un
HUFS Changes School Regulations
HUFS announced a change in school regulations on March 4, varying from minor to major regulations. There was a change on rules about leave of absence. It is clearly warranted up to a maximum of six semesters - which is equivalent to three years - can be taken off for every HUFSans, but if the reaso ..
2018.04.10  No : 493
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