Update : 2017.12.11  Mon  No : 491
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HUFS Hosts a Russian Debate Competition
On May 24, HUFS held the 7th National College Student Russian Competition at the Minerva Complex hall. The topic this year was about the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution. There also were a book exhibition and quiz show to improve interest in studying the Russian language and increase the ..
2017.06.19  No : 487
16th ED of SEIT Investigated for Misappropriation Charge
HUFS held a committee of inquiry into the 16th Executive Department (ED) of the School of English for Interpretation and Translation (SEIT)’s private use of department fees, but it ended immediately. They had disposed of all receipts to verify their use so the investigation was virtually impossible ..
2017.06.19  No : 487
HUFS Holds an Inter-Department Basketball Competition
An annual basketball tournament started on May 8 inside the Obama Hall. There were 20 teams, but in the final there were the Division of Management and the  Sp ..
2017.06.19  No : 487
Students’ Boycott of Recreational Facilities in Progress
After the Facebook page “People who participates in the Mohyeon boycott campaign” being established on April 8, more than 800 students have been participating against to the high prices of commercial supremacy. The Facebook page claimed the fee of PC rooms, which is 1,400 Korean won per hour, is ex ..
2017.06.19  No : 487
HUFS Alumnus Named as Chief of the PSS
On May 10, newly elected President Moon Jae-in nominated Ju Young-hoon, who graduated from the Dept. of Arabic, to be the chief officer of Presidential Security Service (PSS) at his first press briefing held in Cheong Wa Dae. Ju is an expert who started his career from open recruitment with his own ..
2017.06.19  No : 487
Supreme Court Finds Former HUFS President Guilty of Embezzlement
The Supreme Court on May 19 imposed a fine on Park Chul, the former president of HUFS, who had been brought to trial for embezzling school funds. The ex-president was suspected of spending about 1.2 billion won from school education funds during his term from 2006-2014 to deal with the university’s ..
2017.06.19  No : 487
HUFS Celebrates 4.19 Revolution
HUFS commemorated the 57th anniversary of the 4.19 Revolution on April 18 to reflect on the revolution’s meaning and pay a tribute to the deceased heroes of the movemen ..
2017.05.23  No : 486
Sexual Harassment at English College under Investigation
Student representatives of the College of English (CE) are currently in a process of figuring out details regarding sexual harassment issues at their college. There was an unidentified online post on March 18 through the HUFS Bamboo Forest Facebook page saying that a considerable number of female s ..
2017.05.23  No : 486
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