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HUFSan's Voice
What True Beauty Is from a Hijabi’s Point of View
The Story of “The Beauty and the Beast” is simple: An arrogant prince, who refuses to help an elderly woman in the middle of the night, gets cursed by her and thus turns into a beast. She tells him the only way to retain his human form is to find someone that loves him regardless of his looks. Short ..
2018.11.01  No : 498 By Kubra Berna Ayyildiz
HUFSan’s Voice
Ceasefire - the Start of Peace in the Korean Peninsula
Hong Seok-hyun, chairperson of the Korea Peace Foundation, delivered a captivating lecture on peace between the two Koreas on Sept. 12, 2018 at HUFS Seoul Campus. Hong provided valuable insight into the complex history and the current progression towards peace between South and North Korea. Hong hig ..
2018.11.01  No : 498 By Rebekah Woodeson
Learning English Through Revision
Here are some sentences revised by the copy readers. See how the sentences have changed. And why such a fuss for the Korean makeup?And why such a fuss over Korean makeup? - Cover Story Shinhan Financial Group administers finances, and KOTRA will provide opportunities of working abroad by utilizin ..
2018.11.01  No : 498
Find Your Color
By Oh Hyun-jaeDept. of Industrial Design, University of Seo ..
2018.11.01  No : 498
# Orange
Jeon Nu-riIs it better for a man to have chosen evil than to have good imposed upon him? - A Clockwork Orange Moon Chae-unOrange-reul-meogeun-ji-eolmana-orange. You Seo-yeonWhy WeWork Is Expanding Its Footprint in Orange CountyWeWork is planning to open its third location in Orange County, whic ..
2018.11.01  No : 498
Be True to Yourself
When it comes to dealing with loneliness, most people are not competent and they are unwilling to face it. No matter how often and much I feel lonesome, I am still a stranger to this rather gloomy feeling of loneliness. When I was little, the prospect of being left alone filled me with dread. It see ..
2018.10.02  No : 497
Road Casting
What Does Hangeul Mean to You
One of the similarities between Korean and Chinese is that there are a number of words that are very similar in their pronunciation. Also, both languages cannot be dictated correctly only by the pronunciation. So I had to practice a lot in order to write it properly. On the other hand, one noticea ..
2018.10.02  No : 497 An Kwan-ho
Learning English Through Revision
Here are some sentences revised by the copy readers. See how the sentences have changed. Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared in a reality show as a protagonist, appealing with his folksy charm. ▶ Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared on a reality show as a protagonist, appealing to the au ..
2018.10.02  No : 497
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