Update : 2019.05.15  Wed  No : 502
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Road Casting
New Colors for Santa Claus
Do you know an old man who only wears red clothes? He is Santa Claus. Originally, Santa had no fixed images and was depicted in different ways by each country. Haddon Sandblom, an advertising illustrator of Coca-Cola, gave birth to the image of a fat, old and white-bearded man dressing in red in 193 ..
2018.12.13  No : 499 By Kim Min-ji Cub Reporter
HUFSan’s Voice
Beyond the Surface; Interpreting Culture through Fresh Eyes
Prior to living in South Korea, I was not familiar with Korean culture. This has allowed me to develop unique impressions of South Korean culture purely through personal experiences. If your judgment is tainted from preconceived expectations, it is difficult to develop meaningful impressions of a cu ..
2018.12.13  No : 499 By Rebekah Woodeson
HUFSan’s Voice
The Phenomenon of Being a “Gurbetci”
After the second world war, Germany was severely damaged and needed help getting back on its feet. People from surrounding countries saw this emergency as an opportunity to help rebuild the country. In order for Germany to restore for its broken-down economy, countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, Tur ..
2018.12.13  No : 499 Kubra Berna Ayyildiz
The Argus in Its Full Color
Jeon Nu-riSurprisingly, I must step out of The Argus, which has been my home for two years! Leaving it all behind, I have to open some unfamiliar doors in front of me, even those that creep me out. All the concerns for The Argus will become “old” and “new” worries will jam-pack in my head. I am su ..
2018.12.13  No : 499
Courage to Accept
“Auggie can’t change how he looks. Maybe we should change how we see.” ? A line from the movie “Wonder (2017).” Auggie is a 10-year-old boy who is desperate to blend in, but is destined to stand out due to a birth defect. On the first day of school, his mother prayed, “Dear God, please let them be n ..
2018.11.01  No : 498
HUFSan's Voice
What True Beauty Is from a Hijabi’s Point of View
The Story of “The Beauty and the Beast” is simple: An arrogant prince, who refuses to help an elderly woman in the middle of the night, gets cursed by her and thus turns into a beast. She tells him the only way to retain his human form is to find someone that loves him regardless of his looks. Short ..
2018.11.01  No : 498 By Kubra Berna Ayyildiz
HUFSan’s Voice
Ceasefire - the Start of Peace in the Korean Peninsula
Hong Seok-hyun, chairperson of the Korea Peace Foundation, delivered a captivating lecture on peace between the two Koreas on Sept. 12, 2018 at HUFS Seoul Campus. Hong provided valuable insight into the complex history and the current progression towards peace between South and North Korea. Hong hig ..
2018.11.01  No : 498 By Rebekah Woodeson
Learning English Through Revision
Here are some sentences revised by the copy readers. See how the sentences have changed. And why such a fuss for the Korean makeup?And why such a fuss over Korean makeup? - Cover Story Shinhan Financial Group administers finances, and KOTRA will provide opportunities of working abroad by utilizin ..
2018.11.01  No : 498
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