Update : 2017.10.10  Tue  No : 489
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Road Casting
How Was Your Summer Vacation?
After a long vacation, the fall semester has started. Not only is vacation a purely free time for students, but it also is a time for them to do what they have to do. This time differs from person to person, and also varies as to what year they are in school. The Argus met four HUFSans, and listened ..
2017.09.08  No : 488 By Park Beom-ju
Rewinding the First Semester of Freshman Life
I recall the moment when I entered the HUFS website with my hands trembling, and found the word ‘Accepted.’ Full of euphoria, I felt that years of my effort finally paid off and manifested itself into this moment. At that time, HUFS was instilled in my mind as a dreamlike place where I could seek ..
2017.09.08  No : 488
Repetition of What Happened Last Winter in South Korea
Former President Park Geun-hye was ousted this March for bribery and illegal collusion with private sectors, providing a kickback. Massive candlelight demonstrations peacefully toppled the president from power, and it changed my view toward South Korean citizens. I saw a hope in this country. Now, ..
2017.09.08  No : 488
“Yes, This Is a School”
The 19th President Moon Jae-in finally took office on May 10. As everybody knows, the reason we met our new leader in May, not in December when the 19th presidential election was supposed to be held, is former President Park Geun-hye’s corruption scandal. When the scandal, in which Park used her pow ..
2017.06.19  No : 487
HUFSan's Voice
For Whom Is This Stage?
Back when I was a high school student, my school held a festival each year for the students to enjoy. There would be booths where parents sold delicious foods, and a big concert featuring dance groups and bands from neighboring high schools that attracted students from all over at night. But the mos ..
2017.06.19  No : 487 By Shim Kyu-han
Road Casting
How Is Your Summer at HUFS?
Spring has passed and summer season has arrived at HUFS. This year, the heat struck the campus earlier than expected, causing students feel stuffy. However, many HUFSans are spending hotter days than the students of any other schools because of the delayed running of the air-conditioners on campus. ..
2017.06.19  No : 487
What It Means to Be an Argusian
As told before, making every single issue takes a lot of efforts from many people. Not only does it take a lot of time, but most importantly, it takes student reporters’ courage, confidence and perfectionism on their articles. It is never easy to meet these goals. Nevertheless, The Argus has finis ..
2017.06.19  No : 487
What to Ponder upon Discontent over the EPC
The 51st EPC’s fresh dream to start a new era for students has fallen short quickly after the Vice President Nam Han-gyul’s embezzlement. Nam’s Kakao Talk records proved that he had lied and used clumsy ways to cover up his crime. All of this was revealed on May 17 during the conference and bitterly ..
2017.06.19  No : 487
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