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Find Your Color
By Oh Hyun-jaeDept. of Industrial Design, University of Seo ..
2018.11.01  No : 498
# Orange
Jeon Nu-riIs it better for a man to have chosen evil than to have good imposed upon him? - A Clockwork Orange Moon Chae-unOrange-reul-meogeun-ji-eolmana-orange. You Seo-yeonWhy WeWork Is Expanding Its Footprint in Orange CountyWeWork is planning to open its third location in Orange County, whic ..
2018.11.01  No : 498
Be True to Yourself
When it comes to dealing with loneliness, most people are not competent and they are unwilling to face it. No matter how often and much I feel lonesome, I am still a stranger to this rather gloomy feeling of loneliness. When I was little, the prospect of being left alone filled me with dread. It see ..
2018.10.02  No : 497
Road Casting
What Does Hangeul Mean to You
One of the similarities between Korean and Chinese is that there are a number of words that are very similar in their pronunciation. Also, both languages cannot be dictated correctly only by the pronunciation. So I had to practice a lot in order to write it properly. On the other hand, one noticea ..
2018.10.02  No : 497 An Kwan-ho
Learning English Through Revision
Here are some sentences revised by the copy readers. See how the sentences have changed. Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared in a reality show as a protagonist, appealing with his folksy charm. ▶ Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared on a reality show as a protagonist, appealing to the au ..
2018.10.02  No : 497
A Cartoon
Unshackle Yourself
By Oh Hyun-jaeDept. of Industrial Design, University of Seoul ..
2018.10.02  No : 497
A bluish-purple colour seen at the end of the spectrum opposite red. A herbaceous plant of temperate regions, typically having purple, blue, or white five-petalled flowers, one petal of which forms a landing pad for pollinating insects.(from Oxford English Dictionary) Jeon Nu-riFour years ago, one ..
2018.10.02  No : 497
Trial and Error
The minimum wage is the hot potato of the year. As the first step to fulfill his pledge for the minimum wage at 10,000 won (US$8.91), President Moon Jae-in increased the minimum wage by 16.4 percent compared to 2017. Since 7,530 won (US$6.71) has been settled, the Korean Peninsula is noisy with a gr ..
2018.09.03  No : 496
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