Update : 2018.04.10  Tue  No : 493
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Director Kim, Who Earned My Respect
It was nice that the previous The Argus article “If There Is a Will, There Is a Way” focused on how director Kim Hye-jin focused on her dream, and not just her major. As a freshman of this school, I thought about what I exactly wanted to do in my life. I even used to think that I should choose a car ..
2017.10.10  No : 489
Reverse Our Thoughts
Korean society is always full of competition. From the moment when we are born until we grow old and die, we compete against each other, whether we like it or not. Life is like a race without a finish line. People do not know where they are heading, but they have no choice but to go, because being l ..
2017.10.10  No : 489
A Cartoon
Where Am I Going?
By Kim Yu-minDept. of Vietnamese ‘14 ..
2017.10.10  No : 489
Let the Truth Guide Us to Justice
Last spring, South Korea welcomed its new leader, Moon Jae-in, with his inauguration on May 10. As his presidency follows a series of unprecedented political scandals in Korea’s constitutional history, Moon is burdened with a multitude of tasks to tackle from the start. The first and foremost challe ..
2017.09.08  No : 488
HUFSan's Voice
A Student's Grumblings
At a time when our attention has turned to the many incidents that have occurred in the student councils around our school, it seems as if the school itself is not receiving the attention that it deserves. I have heard many discussing the voice phishing scandals that rattled certain departments, but ..
2017.09.08  No : 488 By Shim Kyu-han
Eye of The Argus
Does Blind Hiring Blind Discrimination?
South Korean President Moon Jae-in has announced the implementation of the “blind” hiring system to all public sectors starting in July, in an effort to promote equality in employment procedures. He also showed his hopes that the new regulation be expanded to private sectors as well. The Moon admini ..
2017.09.08  No : 488 By Byun Hee-jin
Road Casting
How Was Your Summer Vacation?
After a long vacation, the fall semester has started. Not only is vacation a purely free time for students, but it also is a time for them to do what they have to do. This time differs from person to person, and also varies as to what year they are in school. The Argus met four HUFSans, and listened ..
2017.09.08  No : 488 By Park Beom-ju
Rewinding the First Semester of Freshman Life
I recall the moment when I entered the HUFS website with my hands trembling, and found the word ‘Accepted.’ Full of euphoria, I felt that years of my effort finally paid off and manifested itself into this moment. At that time, HUFS was instilled in my mind as a dreamlike place where I could seek ..
2017.09.08  No : 488
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