Update : 2019.03.11  Mon  No : 500
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A Cartoon
The Dauntless Whistleblower
By Oh Hyun-jaeDepartment of Industrial Design, University of Seoul ..
2018.05.04  No : 494
What Vouches For Their Voice
Last month, the Korean government revealed its plan to raise the maximum punishment for sexual violence in the workplace, following an unprecedented flood of reports by the victims themselves. The peculiarity lies not in the number of cases but in the reasons that their silence persisted until now - ..
2018.04.10  No : 493
Eye of The Argus
The MeToo Movement Will Move the World
The MeToo movement was begun by Tarana Burke who engaged in a social movement since 2006 to advocate for victims of sexual assault or harassment. The phrase MeToo literal ..
2018.04.10  No : 493 By Jang Eun-ae
Road Casting
Where Can You Be Found at HUFS?
The campus is brimming with the spring vibe and the enthusiasm of students who are eager to study. Students spend most of their time during the semester taking classes, doing assignments, and relaxing with friends on campus. HUFS consists of two campuses. Seoul Campus is famous for its small size an ..
2018.04.10  No : 493 By Jeon Nu-ri
Learning English Through Revision
2018.04.10  No : 493
A Cartoon
Right Spices for Cooking
By Oh Hyun-jaeDepartment of Industrial Design, University of Seoul ..
2018.04.10  No : 493
Sense and Sensibility
HUFS President Kim In-chul takes office from this March. The Dongwon Foundation appointed him the 10th president to head the school last December. He will serve HUFS until 2022. The decision was met with a cold response from the students. The student council arranged a provocative protest against hi ..
2018.03.05  No : 492
Road Casting
How Was Your Volunteer Work at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics?
PyeongChang Winter Olympics was a memorable event in that people all over the world gathered together in one place. This 23rd Winter Olympics was held in PyeongChang, Gangwon Province for 17 days from Feb. 9 to 25, and some HUFSans went there for volunteer work. The Argus asked HUFSans with their ..
2018.03.05  No : 492 Seo Eun-sol
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