Update : 2017.12.11  Mon  No : 491
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The Well-trained Dog
“Will the editor-in-chief or the school president cancel my story?” As a staff reporter of The Argus, I had this question in mind when I wrote a story that criticizes the school. Not only I, but many other journalists probably have been faced with this fear. Actually, journalists from all over the w ..
2017.05.23  No : 486
Eye of The Argus
Claw Machine Centers, a Cultural Trend?
Starting last winter, it has become easy to see doll claw machine centers on almost every street corner. According to the Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC), these claw machine centers grew to about 1,500 this February. There are at least several of them around the HUFS Seoul Campus as ..
2017.05.23  No : 486 Byeon Hee-jin
Road Casting
Our First Challenge as Adults
Life as a university student is very busy. Despite this, many students work part-time. The Argus wondered what kind of part-time jobs HUFSans hold and what the good and bad points of working as a part-timer are. Four HUFSans shared their own experiences with The Argus. Oh Se-jeong, Korea, Dept. of ..
2017.05.23  No : 486
The Argus Greets New Cub Reporters
This spring semester, The Argus welcomed eight cub reporters coming from a variety of majors, backgrounds, and expectations. One month has elapsed since their admission. So far, they have engaged in weekly training sessions and interviewing and writing articles for this May issue. The Argus asked wh ..
2017.05.23  No : 486
What Matters Right Now
The presidential election and North Korea provocations preoccupy our minds. Our future is uncertain and it is natural to worry. But how many of us, I wonder, worry about what really matters? As of writing this, Earth Day is right around the corner. Earth Day is set to be a bad-air day, ironically. ..
2017.05.23  No : 486
We Have Responsibilities
It has been over one month since the former President Park Geun-hye was impeached. She did not perform her duty as the country’s leader, remaining lots of doubts on the ferry disaster, and her corruption scandal. Meanwhile, the salvage work on sunken ferry of Sewol is ongoing. I saw the article in ..
2017.05.23  No : 486
A Cartoon
Remember 0416
By Kim Yu-minDept. of Vietnamese ‘14 ..
2017.05.23  No : 486
The Final Message to Park
When Former President Park Geun-hye returned to her private home after her impeachment, her words on the current situation were delivered through her former spokesperson. What impressed people most among her words was the following: “It may take time, but I have faith that the truth will come to lig ..
2017.04.12  No : 485
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