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HUFSan’s Voice
Two Sides of High Intelligence
College life may be quite stressful: from searching for a good proper school and choosing a major, to worrying about grades and studying all the time. While students are whining about deadlines, someone can only dream about such a common and regular thing as going to school every day. Daniel Keyes ..
2018.06.12  No : 495 By Bidogaeva Maria Guest Reporter
Denuclearization: the Key to Peace of Mind
The historical summit between the South Korean President Moon Jae-in and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made way for a new direction in world politics. The real motive for the sudden turnaround by the most unpredictable tyrant remains to be seen. Meanwhile, it is crucial that the South take a ..
2018.06.12  No : 495
The Argus Swimming Below the Surface
The spring semester of 2018 has come to a near end. A total of four magazines have been published with a sufficient sense of satisfaction. For the past few months, The Argus has been dedicated to sharing a wide variety of topics with the readers in their twenties. The March issue uncovered the re ..
2018.06.12  No : 495
Learning English Through Revision
Here are some sentences revised by the copy readers. See how the sentences have changed. They officially meet once a month during the semester, and they would be camping for one night and two days on Global Campus this summer vacation.▶ They officially meet once a month during the semester, and the ..
2018.06.12  No : 495
# Rapport
A close and harmonious relationship in ...
A close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.ⓒ2018 Oxford University Press | Lee Sei-yon | Editorial ConsultantPeople care less about others than they seem to. People take care of themselves. In the end, ..
2018.06.12  No : 495
A Cartoon
Watch Out for Poisoned Apples
By Oh Hyun-jaeDepartment of Industrial Design, University of Seoul ..
2018.06.12  No : 495
The Fault in Our Stars
On April 6, the court found the former president of South Korea guilty of power abuse. Park Geun-hye’s honorable start as Korea’s first female leader befell a dishonorable end as also the first in history to be dethroned. She had failed hard enough to project a dim prospect for ‘motherly leadership’ ..
2018.05.04  No : 494
HUFSan’s Voice
Building a Good Team
Every day we cooperate with a lot of different people and we all know that the number of people equals the number of different opinions. Usually we spend our spare time with someone we want to, but when it comes to work, we have no choice but work with people we sometimes do not agree with. So how d ..
2018.05.04  No : 494 By Bidogaeva Maria
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