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Editors’ Postscripts
The 2016 Argusian Editors’ Postscripts
As hard as it may be, 2016 Argus reporters finally made it through the December issue. How were the issues for you? We hope we delivered various, interesting and biting articles. The reporters of this semester also have some notes of personal experiences they want to share with the readers. Byeon ..
2016.12.08  No : 483
Unpreparedness for an Earthquake
This autumn, a series of powerful and destructive earthquakes struck my country’s immediate neigbour, Italy, wreaking havoc on the region’s infrastructure and terrifying the populace. As I was reading The Argus’ November story on the topic of structural safety of HUFS buildings, warning systems and ..
2016.12.08  No : 483
How to Prepare for an Earthquake
This year, “earthquake” has been a hot issue in Korea. Earthquakes in Gyeongju reminded us that Korea is no longer a safe place from earthquakes, so we need to be prepared for them. Most Koreans know that seismic designs are needed for the existing buildings, but it has not been put to practice yet. ..
2016.12.08  No : 483
A Cartoon
Merry Christmas
By Park Ji-hyunDept. of English Linguistics ‘10 ..
2016.12.08  No : 483
HUFS, Safe Zone from Earthquakes?
On Sept. 12, there was an earthquake with a 5.9 magnitude in the North Gyeongsang province. There were also several secondary shocks. This was quite a big and long-lasting earthquake for Korea, and the occurrence alerted everyone to the earthquake. Afterwards, many people started to wonder how to pr ..
2016.11.10  No : 482
Eye of The Argus
A String Is Pulled
An anti-graft law, the so-called Kim Young-ran Act in Korea, took effect on Sept. 28. Kim Young-ran was the former head of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission and had introduced the act to improve the public interest by reducing illegal bribery among governmental officials. Most governme ..
2016.11.10  No : 482 By Jang Eun-ae Editorial Consultant
Photographs Worth Spreading
The 2016 World Press Photo exhibition, which aims for developing and promoting quality visual journalism, will be held in several cities in Asia till the end of November, including Koshigaya, Hong Kong, and Taipai. Organized by the World Press Photo Foundation, this exhibit is based on the idea, ac ..
2016.11.10  No : 482
Road Casting
What Do You Think about Campus Safety?
Campus safety is one of the most important issues among universities. Many students have argued whether or not HUFS campus is safe enough, even though there are HUFS patrols, who walk around the campus in order to maintain its safety. Even at the fall festival, a stranger molested someone and the po ..
2016.11.10  No : 482
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