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HUFS Funded by the Government 9 Consecutive Years

HUFS was selected as an additional beneficiary of the government initiative for Universities Contributing to High School Education (UCHE) for nine years in a row on May 9.

HUFS, chosen for this program, will receive grants worth some 1 billion Korean won from the government.

So far, HUFS contributed to higher education by promoting many activities such as briefing sessions on college admissions for 400 high school teachers in rural areas and talks to discuss ways to effectively link high school education to the university entrance system.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) conducted an intermediate evaluation for government-funded programs on 59 Korean universities in conjunction with the Korea Council for University Education in April. Various aspects were comprehensively evaluated, but efforts for ensuring the fairness and transparency of college admissions and the substantiality of the university entrance system were mainly evaluated.

Each year, the MOE selects UCHE based on quantitative and qualitative estimations. Factors such as the operation of the university admission screening system centered on high school education and the running of an equal opportunity selection system are included in the evaluation.

Meanwhile, UCHE certification was introduced in 2014 to make universities operate admission systems focused on high school education and establish easy and efficient entrance policies by directly providing financial support.

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