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What He Will Be Called

“Hi, my name is Chae-un, but I am usually called Moon,” “Hi, I am Chae-un and I work for The Argus, the HUFS English magazine,” “Hey, Chae-un is my name but everybody calls me ‘full moon.’” Moon, the reporter, a full moon, a freshman, and a daughter of a mom and dad. These are what I am referred to more often than my full name, and sometimes I do identify myself with the things listed above. When I meet people for the first time, what comes to my mind is what would be an easy way for them to remember me.

The 51st EPC of the Seoul Campus has been a hot potato these days because of one person. Nam Han-gyul, the EPC vice president, embezzled money for private purposes and it does not seem to be simple to deal with this issue. Embezzlement must be strictly punished. But nothing is more significant than the fact that he is no longer to be remembered as a good student at HUFS. He is now just an embezzlement suspect.

Moon Chae-un
Dept. of Russian ‘17

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