Update : 2018.09.03  Mon  No : 496
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Let the Truth Guide Us to Justice

Last spring, South Korea welcomed its new leader, Moon Jae-in, with his inauguration on May 10. As his presidency follows a series of unprecedented political scandals in Korea’s constitutional history, Moon is burdened with a multitude of tasks to tackle from the start. The first and foremost challenge he faces is the restoration of the fundamental principle of a democratic nation: justice. With the highest level of political interest and expectation from the public, it is his job to uncover the absolute truths of the recent controversies surrounding the previous administration, and start anew towards ‘a just Korea’ as he promised.

Likewise, the upcoming semester is a defining moment for HUFS to redeem itself from the previous scandalous semester. It was revealed that some student representatives capitalized on their authority to misappropriate funds. As a result, the school found faults within the system that had entrusted individuals with huge sums of public money. For this September issue, The Argus has delved into the systematic loopholes that enabled the embezzlement and sought after solutions to prevent their recurrence. Truths have been told, but justice must also be brought. As of now, we have discovered that the holes have been filled through the revision of regulations.

 In principle, a country founded upon the constitution must resort to laws to act as pre-emptive measures to all possible injustices. Given the cases that shocked the nation and campus, however, it is clear that the law by itself does not suffice. Before the law, we must reflect upon ourselves to see if we have been entirely truthful in upholding our responsibilities as members of our respective societies. Although people transfer their rights to the representatives, the people are still liable for making sure that their voices are heard and that the spokespeople fulfill their duties.

With the eyes of hundreds watching, The Argus promises to remain true to our responsibility to report with the utmost integrity. To bring justice to the world, The Argus shall embrace the truth one of the core values of HUFS to determine right and wrong, and guides us to make the most rational judgments. Nevertheless, The Argus itself cannot stand alone without the help of fellow readers. In our pursuit of truth and justice, we ask for your support as our truthful informants and watchdogs. Only together can ‘a just HUFS’ be achieved.


Lee Sei-yon

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