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Reverse Our Thoughts

Korean society is always full of competition. From the moment when we are born until we grow old and die, we compete against each other, whether we like it or not. Life is like a race without a finish line. People do not know where they are heading, but they have no choice but to go, because being left behind makes us feel uneasy. To live mentally and physically healthy in this quite tough society, people should have their own way to fight back against all the stress and pressure that society puts on them.

I was deeply impressed by the idea of the founders of Sixty One. Nineteen is a number that usually reminds people of inappropriate sexual contents. However, if we just turn 19 upside down, then it becomes nothing but just the number 61. Like this, I decided to change the way I think. Something could feel too heavy to be handled and you might want to give up. Nevertheless, we do not have to lose hold of our dreams if we simply reverse the way we think, just like 19 turned to 61. The world can be seen in a more positive manner with a mere twist of our thoughts.

Lee Jae-yeon
Dept. of German ‘17

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