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News Briefing

Gunned Down Las Vegas 

On Oct. 3, Stephen Craig Paddock, a retired accountant, smuggled an arsenal into a hotel in Las Vegas and mowed down concert-goers from a 32nd story window. The deadliest disaster in modern U.S. history came to an end when the shooter committed suicide.
Sunday night’s shooting rampage claimed 59 lives and injured more than 500. There were no reports of Korean casualties in the Las Vegas massacre, but eight travelers have not been accounted for, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said last month.

I Can Bring Peace

Amid heightened tensions over nuclear activities from North Korea and Iran, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), a group of mostly young activists working for denuclearization.
The decision sends a clear message to all nuclear-armed states, especially to the U.S. who have been refusing negotiations and instead downplaying North Korea’s aggressive development of nuclear weapons.

'What Were You Wearing?'

A recent art installation at the University of Kansas challenged the myth that a person’s revealing clothing triggers sexual violence, justifying the notion that the victim also deserves partial blame as well as the perpetrators.
The exhibition displayed 18 outfits of 18 rape survivors. They were no different to what we wear in everyday life, proving that the victim did nothing to invite the sexual assaults  to invite the sexual assaults.

S. Korea Plateaus at World’s No. 26

The global competitiveness of South Korea remains at 26th for four consecutive years, according to the annual report released in October by the World Economic Forum (WEF).
The lagging number resulted from the two markedly low scores in financial market development and labor market efficiency, which were placed at No. 74 and 73 respectively among 137 subject countries.
In particular, the percentage of labor participation by those aged between 15 to 24 was near the bottom with only 10 subjects from behind Korea.

I Love You

Seoul citizens most want to hear “I love you” according to a survey conducted by the Seoul Foundation of Women & Family. It was found that “I love you” is also what people want to say the most to others.



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