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What Does YOLO Mean to You?

The book “Trend Korea 2017” introduced the hot keyword “YOLO,” which is an abbreviation of the catchphrase “You Live Only Once.” The word was in vogue with those in their twenties, fueling their intrinsic desire to pursue happiness in the present than in the future. Opponents argue against the popularity, saying the trend encourages the youth to avoid than confront the hard reality. The Argus asked HUFSans what they thought about YOLO and whether they lived by the expression in 2017.


Lee Eun-hye, Dept. of English Linguistics ‘14

When thinking about the word YOLO, I think we have to do our best to fulfill our responsibilities in our lives. We should consider whether it is the right moment to follow our hearts than our heads, throwing caution to the wind. I did not live as if I lived only once this year, but I tried to enjoy life as much as I could. I found pleasure in day-to-day routine, such as my puppy welcoming me whenever I came back home. Overall, I am satisfied with my life in 2017.

Seo Kyu-huhn, Dept. of Political Science and Diplomacy ‘14

I think YOLO can be interpreted differently from person to person, because everyone has different definitions of life. In my definition, life means enjoying every single moment in our time. In the general perspective, this year probably was not much of a YOLO relative to my freshman and sophomore years. However, I am satisfied with how I lived this year because I took the time to clarify my career goals. As a result, I found an interest in sport law and decided to become a sport law agent in the future.

Hwang Da-yeon, Dept. of English Linguistics ‘17

I think the real meaning of YOLO is to live a valuable life discreetly. We have to consider what we really want to do, appreciating the fact that this time is for us. I pretty much enjoyed the first semester by travelling, using money I earned from a part-time job. I vividly remember the time I went to the Han River with my university friend. I really enjoyed the day-off because I was exhausted from adjusting to a new university life.

Bae So-young, Dept. of English Literature and Culture ‘17

In my opinion, the YOLO trend seems to gain popularity among people in their 20s and 30s because they are struggling with the grim reality full of conflicts about employment, financial problems, and marriage. I did not enjoy my life enough this year, but I feel that I am growing more and more internally. I learned to appreciate the fact that I can live my life however I want since I am not a high school student anymore. Although I feel like I am lost somewhere between a teenager and adult, I am happy to live the rest of my life setting life’s direction and making progress toward my goal.

Watch for The Argus reporters on campus. The Argus will be casting you.

By Seo Eun-sol Cub Reporter

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