Update : 2018.11.01  Thu  No : 498
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A Semester as An Argusian

Lee Sei-yon

This marks the end of four semesters at The Argus, and my first semester as Editor-in-Chief. Every semester brought about unprecedented challenges, and this fall was no exception. To state the obvious, it was tough. It was tough enough to repeatedly give feedback on the rough drafts. But it was tougher to smooth out my own rough edges so that I might succeed in my role as the central conductor behind the monthly publication. As always, I will need time to contemplate and evaluate my personal performance over the past few months. In the end, the minor failures will surface while the major successes will precipitate. Nonetheless, I know that everything will be and will have been worth it as I promised to the staff reporters. I hope they feel the same.

You Seo-yeon
Staff reporter
Time flies like an arrow, and this is my last edition as a staff reporter. Despite starting confidently, I could not meet my expectations at first and I have wrestled with this aspect during this semester. However, as much as I have suffered, I realized the importance of expressing my ideas based on logic and reason. I also learned how to fully understand and accept different opinions.
Above all, I thank The Argus members who cooperated to yield better output. Of course all of us had hardships and sometimes might have been exhausted. But without a doubt, my experiences at The Argus are priceless and could not be gained elsewhere.

Moon Chae-un
Staff reporter
“The meaning of life is that there is no meaning, and because of that, you have to make there be a meaning for the people that have not realized that yet.” This is a motto from a young boy from New York which quickly became one of my mottos and a lesson I learned from The Argus. I am not going to lie, but I have blamed myself several times for my choice to be a part of The Argus. There were a lot of moments that made me think “Nothing has meaning.” But with the support of the editor-in-chief, my colleagues and our special guest reporter, Salome, I finished up the last edition of the year, thinking “There is something here and I am here to spread a meaning for people that have not experienced things yet through the eyes of the Argus.”

Jeon Nu-ri
Staff reporter
Finally, my first year at The Argus has ended. I am so proud of myself and my colleagues for going through all the hardships that we endured. To be honest, I often felt depressed and spent many nights agonizing over whether to quit it or not. All the strenuous work at The Argus made me think that I was lacking in ability, somehow. Nevertheless, I stayed because The Argus taught me valuable lessons. I learned how to write logically and how to embrace a variety of opinions. I am pretty sure that no one can expand my life experience like The Argus. Most importantly, I have my wonderful colleagues. Only each of them working together can fully understand how hard it is to be an Argusian. Although it was tough, we now have precious memories that we built up together. We hope we can do better next year!

Cho Jae-won
Staff reporter
With the publication of December issue, my days of being a staff reporter come to an end. My heart is full, looking back at the previous issues coming to fruition after long hours of developing ideas, editorial conferences, and careful typesetting. I remember when I was a cub reporter. Our editor-in-chief at that time, Lee Jae-won told me to cover the head librarian of the Supreme Court. That was my start as a reporter. From then on, I have been richly taught and spiritually edified by the greatest seniors and colleagues. It has been a privilege working and struggling together with my fellow reporters and editor-in-chief. I would not have made it this far without the trust and care that they gave me. I owe them too much, and feel grateful for the chance to have worked beside them.

Park Ji-yong
Staff reporter
It already has been a year since I began my career in The Argus. I still remember the pledge I made, to make improvements for the good of HUFSans. My articles were particularly serious and tough, covering embezzlement in September, sex crime in October, and inconveniences of international students in November.
Even though my writings could not make discernable changes in HUFS right away, I am so satisfied that I managed to let people know about the issue. I have no doubt that The Argus will keep its way, working day and night for the rights of everyone.



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