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Sense and Sensibility

HUFS President Kim In-chul takes office from this March. The Dongwon Foundation appointed him the 10th president to head the school last December. He will serve HUFS until 2022. The decision was met with a cold response from the students. The student council arranged a provocative protest against his re-election in front of the Main Building. They staged the scene of a memorial service with Kim’s portrait and batches of white chrysanthemums. The reasons for their opposition include school management without two-sided communication and more predominately condoning the poor performance of a famous golf player in his class.

For the opponents, the reunion may not be the most pleasant news with which to start the year anew. For the apathetic neutrals, it will seem no different from one of many campus issues. Now, for both, it is time to do more than feel. The past few months have been about giving voice to our emotions. The students voiced their outrage at the decision-makers. However, the final decision has been made. The time has come for us to think about what we should do.

In reality, everyone has their perspective. The government has a macroscopic view, whereas the people have a microscopic view. The former deals with policy-making and implementation. The latter provides feedback regarding their efforts. Society demands allrounded talents who find their place in the world and make a contribution. Individuals struggle to meet the social expectations that change as we age. Inevitably, differences arise in spite of the commonalities we share.

The key is to have faith in the electors and in the elected leader. We should trust that they did and will do their job right. In the meantime, we should intend to do our jobs right. If our faith later proves to have been misplaced,then it is time for emotions to govern our thoughts.

Lee Sei-yon

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