Update : 2018.12.13  Thu  No : 499
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Three HUFSans Receive Grand Prizes

Dept. of Industrial and Management Engineering students won the grand prize at the 13th Industrial Engineering Project Competition last November.

They received an award for their thesis ‘The Development of Optimization Algorithms for Multi-city Trips and Multi-section Ticket Search Services.’

The Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers (KIIE) hosted the competition and the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) sponsored this.

Advisor Professor Lee Chung-mok said, “Unlike similar service systems where users have to specify the order of the cities they intend to visit and stay at, the system that my students created is different in that the ticket price system solves the problem of ‘optimization’ in order to minimize the total ticket price and visit duration. To do this, we used management science techniques learned from their major and implemented them so that they can be easily used as a web system.”


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