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Road Casting
Where Can You Be Found at HUFS?

The campus is brimming with the spring vibe and the enthusiasm of students who are eager to study. Students spend most of their time during the semester taking classes, doing assignments, and relaxing with friends on campus.
HUFS consists of two campuses. Seoul Campus is famous for its small size and flat ground. Global Campus, located in the city of Yongin, is renowned for its enormous site surrounded by lush forests. Where do the HUFSans enjoy their campus life in the warmth of spring? Even though people are in the same location, feelings and memories that a particular spot can bring to people vary from person to person. The Argus asked HUFSans which place they like the most.


I am not yet familiar with all the places on campus because I have just entered HUFS. As of now, I like the front gate the most. I was eager to get into HUFS all throughout my schoolgirl days. Therefore, I always wanted to visit the campus often, so that I could get motivation for my studies by watching university students enjoy their campus lives. Happily, I got the chance.
The magnificence of the main gate when I first visited the campus is stamped in my memory. HUFSans talking with foreign friends and people busily coming and going through the gate made my heart pound. The main gate gives me the thrill of being a part of HUFS. Waiting for the traffic lights every day in the morning, I look at the gate and make a resolution for a new day. On the first day of college, some girls in school uniforms were taking pictures in front of the gate. That reminded me of my freshman year in high school. I was amazed to see myself as an undergraduate, moreover a HUFSan!


I like the Main Building the most. When the admissions officer visited my high school to introduce HUFS, a photo of the big and grand Main Building on Seoul Campus made me want to apply for HUFS. I kept the photo on my cell phone and looked at it whenever I was tired of studying. I feel proud of this building and even want to boast about it by saying, “HUFS has such a nice building!”
However, on the day of the entrance interview, I was disenchanted with the image of HUFS. I wanted to go to the bathroom to relieve my tension. Upon entering, the interior of the toilet totally shocked me. It was so different from the whole luxurious image I had in my mind. I was so confused that I sent the photo of the inside to my friends. They were also so amazed and said that I should succeed and remodel them all. Since then, I made a firm resolution to enter HUFS and after graduation, I will absolutely replace all of the toilets with clean and new ones.


I make frequent trips to the study room at Centennial Complex. There are nine study rooms on the first floor at the Complex, and a reservation is necessary. The biggest advantage of study rooms here is that I can use a computer. For group assignments, all members should share the same materials and discuss them. To do that, it is convenient for us to have a computer. In this respect, the study room at the Complex is perfect.
There are no other suitable places on campus that have everything we need. I usually prepare for a presentation or study my major. I formed a small group with my friends to learn Thai. I thought it would be nicer to study together, rather than being alone with no one who could support me when I am lacking motivation. Twice a week, I spend time here with my group members and we all help each other with some difficult questions.


I love the cherry tree road next to the library. When spring comes, cherry blossoms start to bloom, and soon they completely cover all the tree branches. Originally, the street was used as for parking. However, when the trees are in bloom, people go there to enjoy the beauty of flowers and take pictures with friends.
I think cherry blossoms near the path to the library are more beautiful than any other places on campus. Therefore, many people visit here to take a great photo. Last year, I also took a group picture in front of the cherry trees with my college classmates. I also took the first couple photograph with my girlfriend since we started going out. This one special experience made this place more meaningful to me.

Watch for The Argus reporters on campus. The Argus will be casting you.

By Jeon Nu-ri
Associate Editor of Culture Section

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