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# They Too Tumble Down at the Truths

Many high-profile figures across both public and private domains are embroiled in a brewing sexual harassment scandal in Korea.
Middle-aged veteran actor Jo Min-gi was found dead three days before a scheduled interview appearance at a police station.
Former South Chungcheong Province Governor Ah Hee-jung was also accused of sexual misconduct.

Fourth Industrial Revolution Changes Job Market

According to The Ministry of Employment and Labor report this year, the industrial structure will undergo a reform. The number of jobs will increase to 2.66 million by 2030, including a reduction of 680,000 jobs today.

North Korea Says Hello to the U.S.

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un sent an invitation to the U.S. President Donald J. Trump to which the latter replied positively.  The meeting is a clear sign of an unforeseen diplomatic overture between two conflict-laden leaders who have exchanged threats of war.
South Korea and North Korea also organized an inter-Korean summit at the Peace House to be held in Panmunjom at the end of April.
Early on, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un showed signs of being willing to proceed with the denuclearization of his country’s nuclear program if the safety of his regime is guaranteed.

No Food Allowed on the Bus

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will reinforce its publicity campaign to inform citizens that food and drinks are not allowed on buses. This is because most passengers are only aware that coffee and other drinks are subject to the ban, not hamburgers and other food items.
On Seoul roads, an average five to six passengers eat food every day on any given bus. Many people leave trash on the bus, shifting the responsibility to bus drivers to clean up after they finish their daily shift.
The problem is that only drivers can only attempt to stop passengers from bringing food onto the bus by appealing to their sense of civic responsibility because passengers cannot be legally punished for bringing food on the bus.

By Lee Sei-yon


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