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How Does HUFS Welcome New International Students?


When you walk onto campus, you can see many foreign students. At HUFS, there are 1,665 international students from 76 countries. Among them, there are not only exchange students who came for this semester but also full degree undergraduates who entered HUFS in 2018. On Feb. 28, the “2018 Entrance Ceremony & Orientation for New International Students” was held in the Auditorium in the Cyber Building on the 2nd floor of Seoul Campus. It started at 2:00 p.m. and continued for about four hours. The Argus closely covered this ceremony wishing students to have an interest in it by feeling the vivid atmosphere of the ceremony.


In 2018, 325 global students from 33 countries entered HUFS as full degree undergraduates. According to the HUFS Office of International Student Services (OISS) Director Oh Se-kwon, the “2018 Entrance Ceremony & Orientation for New International Students” targeted new global students both on Seoul and Global Campus, who came to Korea for their entrance to HUFS. Encouragement was given for other international students to get sufficient information on areas like graduation requirements. “This event provides necessary information about their school life and life in Korea. It is meant to help new foreign undergraduates overcome cultural differences and adjust well,” Oh emphasized.

1:30,  Before the Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony was full of some nervousness and some excitement just like any other formal event. International students were looking ahead at their new college life in a foreign country, whether stoic or smiling. Sitting among them, The Argus felt like a student from overseas.
The auditorium was about one-fifth of the way full. Almost all students looked Asian, and it was no different from the Korean students’ entrance ceremony.
Outside, foreign students continued to receive files containing distributed handouts, such as the Guidebook for New Students, Course Registration Form (Offline), Insurance Application Form, and ARC Form & Certificate of Residence. The Argus went outside of the auditorium. It had a more comfortable atmosphere compared to inside.

“I started learning the Korean language a year and a half ago. I chose HUFS because of its systemic curriculum for English learning. I felt secure before starting my new life here;  I want to study hard at HUFS, and I want to join in student clubs, too.”

“I feel good before starting my campus life. A year and 3 months ago, I came to Korea to learn Korean and to enter a Korean university. I studied Korean at HUFS Institute and naturally entered HUFS.”

2:30, ‘Living in Seoul Orientation’ by Seoul Global Center (SGC)

The Seoul Global Center under Seoul City made a presentation about life in Seoul.
The center provides life counseling regarding the law, property and one’s psychological state in 10 languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, and Uzbek.
There was a special case they mentioned. A drunken exchange student was rescued dramatically after being locked up under a ventilation shaft for three days. Fortunately, he was found by a company due to an annual disinfection check. The company claimed the student’s father needed to pay compensatory damages for the price of the ventilation shaft (US$1,500) that was cut to rescue her. The student inquired about ways to calculate an appropriate amount because the amount was too big, and she wanted to know whether she could pay by credit card and what legal documents were needed to exonerate her from other additional responsibilities.
SGC also provides educational and cultural information about volunteer work, the autumn festival, Korean language class, flea markets, and driving licenses.
The map for the location of the Seoul Global Center was projected on the screen. The Seoul Global Center explained ways to check stations and the estimated time of arrival of transportation such as taxis, the subway, and buses. It also notified students about Seoul’s bus information by color. Blue buses promise quick and punctual service. Red buses are express buses that connect Seoul and capital areas around Seoul. Even though their fare is relatively expensive, you can travel long distances. Green buses are called town buses and can get you to every nook and cranny. If you take a yellow bus, you can easily go to tourist attractions. Some global students took notes or pictures of helpful information.
Furthermore, the center informed the audience about tourist attractions and Korean manners and meal etiquette. For example, you should not hold a spoon with chopsticks, and you should use both hands when handing something to a superior.

Also, it mentioned the telephone numbers for tourist information, emergency fire, police, etc.


3:00, Crime Prevention and Safety Education by Dongdaemun Police Station Externals

Dongdaemun Police Station Externals provided the location of the Dongdaemun Police Station and Imun Security Center. It recommended a location tracking application in case of an emergency and for free interpretation service. Also, it educated students on kinds of crime preventive education and safety training.

4:30, Guide for HUFS Life by OISS

Global full degree undergraduates account for 7 percent of all students at HUFS, and it is increasing more and more annually. OISS offered a campus map through the screen and introduces school facilities.
It specifically provided information about dormitory registration and emphasized remaining opportunities for course registration. The time for offline course registration was specially offered to the Global students. Important points were all presented in English. OISS gave advice about the course drop period.
OISS introduced this semester’s academic calendar and useful websites and social media tools. After their explanation, it provided a Chinese version of the HUFS life guide.

“HUFS is the most famous language focused university in Korea, and I wanted to study here. I’m excited about my new school life and I want to do my best.”

“I considered three things for my new school. HUFS is in Seoul and there are many exchange students at HUFS. There also are many languages at HUFS so that I thought communication at HUFS would be convenient.”

“I went to HUFS because I heard that it has a great language educational curriculum. The information I learned today will be helpful in my school life.”


By Seo Eun-sol
Reporter of Campus Section

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