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How About You
Student-organized Patrol Groups at HUFS

“The warmer the day, the more drunk brawls at night,” said a girl who lives near campus because her hometown is in another province. As she said, it is easy to see that drunk people make trouble on deserted roads near both campuses. To keep public security, the HUFS Police (Global Campus) and the HUFS Care Patrol (Seoul Campus), organizations composed of students, are patrolling around the campuses. As a student of the HUFS Care Patrol who arrested an offender got a prize in 2016, they apparently have the effect of preventing crime, but on the other hand, they are also criticized for supposedly just walking around and chatting. The Argus asked HUFSans about the two organizations.


Seoul Campus - HUFS Care Patrol

Park Jun-yeong,
Business Administration Division ‘17

I know that HUFS Care Patrol takes responsibility for the security around campus, but at best it is just reducing the noise near the dormitory. One of the major complains from HUFSans is still about outsiders entering the campus. HUFS Care Patrol seems to spend a lot of time in unnecessary places.
In addition, the total scholarship budget is 40 million won per semester, which means 10 million won is paid monthly to HUFS Care Patrol. I doubt it is worth that amount of money. If the role and function of HUFS Care Patrol is essential, hiring professionals could be more efficient.

Jeong Seo-yeong,
Dept. of English Literature and Culture ‘17

At the beginning of the semester, I knew what HUFS Care Patrol while on duty, because I thought about applying for it. I believe that those activities can give relief to the to people at HUFS and reduce the possibility of incidents occurring.
However, I did not know that HUFS Care Patrol was also put in charge of daytime patrols starting this year. Since there are many students who do not know what HUFS Care Patrol is, I think they should work harder to inform students by putting up posters.
Above all, it seems like a hopeless situation if the patrol team is not present during emergencies. I hope that some kind of emergency communication network can be established so that students can have contact with the patrol members. But we need to carefully devise a way to construct a useful network so that HUFSans are given proper help whenever it is needed.

Global Campus -  HUFS Police


Kang So-yeon,
Dept. of Bioscience and Biotechnology ‘14

Since one of my acquaintances worked as one of the first HUFS Police members in 2015, I can recognize them when I see three or four students patrolling campus late at night. However, their work might be given little credit because they just stroll around the campus making small-talk. However, I think they can do some good in emergencies.  It also seems to have a good influence because the students in that student organization encourage schoolfellows to behave more actively when the others are having difficulties.
However, it is a problem that there is no way to check whether they are really doing their duties. I believe in them, of course, but it is a major drawback that most of students like me cannot know. I would like to get information about their activities through Facebook or Instagram. The notice of recruiting members is available via email, but there are no ways to share specific news thereafter.
In addition, it is another limitation that HUFS Police does not have real authority in the circumstances they should control. Even the police, for instance, have difficulty when they intervene in disagreements between citizens. Thus, I think a better perception of HUFS Police is needed so that they can achieve recognition.

Lee Hyo-bin,
Dept. of Industrial Management Engineering ‘17
I can easily see three people wearing fluorescent colored uniforms, not only on campus but also outside of the entrance. I think patrolling in groups is effective in preventing crimes. Last year, my classmates and I got a kind of warning message from the president of my department, saying there was a serious brawl near one of the convenience stores located in front of the entrance. Later on, I got to know that notice came from HUFS Police. Fortunately, I was not there at that time, but I could realize the function of HUFS Police as a result of this.
However, the students of HUFS Police do not walk around past 1:00 a.m., when the streets are suddenly deserted, and I think it might be due to the dormitory curfew hour. It would be nice if the dormitory could make an exception for HUFS Police. Lastly, I have known that income quintile  is preferentially considered in the process of selecting HUFS Police members. I think it is reasonable for two reasons: these students contribute to the college community earning scholarships and keep the region safe.

By You Seo-yeon
Associate Editor of National Section

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