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The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Last month, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un started to step out of the shadows and respond to the world. He met with the South Korea President Moon Jae-in and discussed the possible future of a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula. After its denuclearization display 10 years ago in May of 2008, the North once again invited an unspecified number of foreign reporters from major countries to witness the ceremony of a nuclear test site dismantlement. The world now awaits the meeting of two clashing power figures, the untalkative tyrant from the North and the very talkative billionaire across the Pacific Ocean.

In line with the social spotlight, this June issue sheds light on North Korea from three different angles. For the Cover story, The Argus conducted an interview with HUFSans with international backgrounds and listened to what they know about South Korea’s northern counterpart and what they think of the reunification based on their cultural knowledge and experience. The Argus also met with a group of South Korean students on campus who engage in in-depth studies of the North for a better understanding of their northern counterpart. The last is an opinion piece from a non-HUFSan that takes a critical stance regarding the current issues on the Korean Peninsula.

In the past, the North has had the upper hand in the international community. Being the reclusive state in the center of attention, the North has taken advantage of the unilaterally benefitting trade-off from those who wish for nothing but peace. However, with a dramatic change in leadership around the world, the day has come in which devious and demeaning tricks no longer draw the most desirable results. The old-fashioned way of ‘peace talk’ persuasion strategy has failed to earn the North’s cooperation for a long time. The world and both Koreas, including the South and the North, should understand and put to practice the notion that the perks of being a wallflower have expired. Henceforth you can only accept the love and support that you deserve.

Lee Sei-yon

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