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The Argus Swimming Below the Surface

The spring semester of 2018 has come to a near end. A total of four magazines have been published with a sufficient sense of satisfaction. For the past few months, The Argus has been dedicated to sharing a wide variety of topics with the readers in their twenties.

The March issue uncovered the reasons for the youth’s disinterest in reading hard news that discuss political and economic matters. The April issue focused on the HUFS curriculum and the educational need for the transition of focus, from the humanities to more science-oriented subjects. The May issue talked about more mouth-watering subjects on how the budding twenty-year-olds find pleasure in activities related to eating. The June issue revolved around North Korea from the perspectives of the youth.

In any scenes of creation, there are a bundle of untold stories behind the publication. The Argus who have been listening to others now take a turn to speak about themselves.

Lee Sei-yon

This June issue of 2018 marks the end of many months that I spent as a student reporter and administrator. I have been part of The Argus for two years and a half, which is more than the remaining months to graduate. I am glad to be a part of a closely-knit community that endeavors to make a better magazine and to make something more out of it. I will never forget the value of working and growing together with similar-minded intellectuals. I am grateful to the members for helping to make me a better person, and also to The Argus for the wonderful experiences and memories.

Jeon Nu-ri
Associate Editor of Culture Section
It is already my third epilogue I have written as an Argusian. To be honest, when the semester ends, I always feel same things; relief that I finally finished and regret that I could not do much better. Being an Argusian is extremely strenuous, really. No one will dare to deny it. For others, it can be just a magazine piled high. However, The Argus is born with the unsleeping effort of many people. The Argus gives something that cannot be bought with money. Many times, I did not know if I was doing well. Maybe I hurt someone with my thoughtless remarks and actions. I will be more careful and will make it a nice place where everyone is pleased to work. I will get plenty of rest to have enough energy to be spared for the following The Argus semester!

Moon Chae-un
Associate Editor of Campus Section
My first article for The Argus went up in June last year. I was never totally sure why I started doing it. However, one thing is clear. Even after the 495th issue was met, I found myself impulsively wanting to do more. Ended up the semester with “Brain Swap,” I came to the realization that I am here in The Argus not only to entertain, but also to send a message, start conversations, and hopefully make the world a better place. Lastly, I want to give a “Big shout-out” to all my colleagues for the endless love and support.

You Seo-yeon
Associate Editor of National Section
During this semester, I managed the social media and public relations of The Argus and partially attended at training for new cub reporters as an associate editor. It was my first time to manage a “system.” Among the flood of duties, I raised my capabilities to handling chaotic schedules. I also realized that endless questioning is important, so I could get courage to follow my inner voice not to be trapped by dogma. Based on many fruitages achieved from The Argus, my colleagues and I will make a new leap forward.

Seo Eun-sol
Staff Reporter of Campus Section
This year’s 4th issue is published and my second semester in The Argus has finished. There were many moments that I wanted to quit during staff reporter works. However, I could endure them reminding myself of the promise that I made before the winter training. That was “I will not quit during the semester.” The most impressive point during coverage was the fact that I can be connected to many people who did not seem related to me. I could see and feel a lot of things that I would not have interest in unless I continue activities. It was also special for me to share them with the readers. Finally, I want to give thanks to excellent team members for giving me a fair scolding and even their trust in me. I am still learning and will learn something through The Argus and please expect better work next time!

Han Byeong-ji
Staff Reporter of National Section
First, I want to tell my readers that all of my articles were only written in my name as the representative. It was not possible without the help of other Argusians. So I cannot be grateful enough to them. I also thank my interviewees. Even though I struggled to think about the questions and asked, they always answered nicely with their thoughts. I felt that they clearly knew what they were doing. Just like them, I wanted to be able to speak my mind confidently when someone asks how I think. So I am trying to think about me, what I did, what I do, what I want to do and what should I do. The Argus has a big influence on me. I hope you could feel something while reading this magazine. Thank you for reading.


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