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# Rapport
A close and harmonious relationship in ...

A close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.
ⓒ2018 Oxford University Press

| Lee Sei-yon | Editorial Consultant
People care less about others than they seem to. People take care of themselves. In the end, they become experts of their own thoughts and emotions, and of faking sympathy for others.


| Moon Chae-un | Associate Editor
The older you become, the more responsibilities you will have. And there will come a certain point where you are feeling hurt or confused. That is when people need each other, which is a huge part of the drive of our community.


| Han Byeong-ji | Staff Reporter
As I lay alone afflicted in Bukgwan
One morning a doctor examined me

Suddenly he asked of my hometown
It’s called Pyungan-do Jungju

The doctor smiled softly
Without a word he took my wrist and felt my pulse
The touch of his hand was warm and soft
My hometown and my father and my father’s friend were all there
Hometown - Baek Seok (Translated by Peter N. Liptak)


| Jeon Nu-ri | Associate Editor
Obsession, that I should be on intimate terms with every single person, always bothers me. I am sometimes afraid of myself, being full of desire to be loved by everyone. I should keep this old saying in my mind; He who never makes any enemies, never makes any friends. No one can have a rapport with everyone!


| You Seo-yeon | Associate Editor
Three Questions to Build Rapport
Instead of perfunctory conversation, sometimes you could ask the questions below.
What did you do today that was memorable?
How did you challenge yourself today?
What did you learn at [event]?
(Extracted from the magazine Entrepreneur)


| Seo Eun-sol | Staff Reporter
B: What did I say, I said we will win.
A: I did not believe that we can really win.
B: Maybe we have made this miracle not a miracle.
A: It is hard to believe that everything was also fearful for you.
B: You found and recognized me, thus you will find your galaxy inside you.
A: Ok, I will give me the best of me.
B: So, show me. I will show you.

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