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MeToo Movements in HUFS Not Finished Yet

HUFS announced its decision to punish professors who were suspected of power-related sexual violence on HUFS website, on Aug. 2.

The professors are Professor K and S. Their alleged sexual harassment erupted last March and drew strong criticism from students. When the suspicions were found to be true, the school’s headquarters held a disciplinary committee to dismiss Professor K and suspend Professor S for three months.

However, there is still criticism from students about disposal of Professor S. On the homepage of the General Student Council of the Seoul Campus, an anonymous writer wrote, “Despite the damage and mental pain of students, the school posted a message about light punishment of professors.”

Regarding this, the school officials said, “As Professor S has submitted his resignation, we are considering whether to accept the resignation or review disciplinary measures.”

2018.10.02  No : 497 By Kim Tae-young soso50x@hufs.ac.kr
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