Update : 2019.05.15  Wed  No : 502
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Global Campus Introduces DIY Ramen Cafe

A snack bar in the Language and Literature Building (LLB) of the Global Campus reinvented itself as a Do It Yourself (DIY) ramen cafe. This unique form of school cafeteria has attracted the attention of the university community.

“The contract with the enterprise which had been operating the LLB snack bar expired,” said the HUFS Cooperative, which is in charge of the LLB cafeteria. The company had requested for several years to raise the prices of food. However, HUFS was unable to raise prices, as it is a very sensitive issue for students.

The DIY ramen cafe is in operation as an alternative. Students can choose from many kinds of ramen and toppings. Jeong Jin-sung, the secretary general of HUFS Cooperative said, “We are also going to provide foreign noodles such as Indonesian and Japanese ones. We hope that these foods will help foreign students deal with homesickness.”


2018.10.02  No : 497 By Na Geum-chae nak3096@hufs.ac.kr
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