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# Orange

Jeon Nu-ri
Is it better for a man to have chosen evil than to have good imposed upon him?
- A Clockwork Orange

Moon Chae-un

You Seo-yeon
Why WeWork Is Expanding Its Footprint in Orange County
WeWork is planning to open its third location in Orange County, which until now has been slower to adopt co-working than other Southern California markets. Kley Sippel, general manager of Southern California at WeWork, said, “Orange County is home to all those types of business, so it only makes sense that we’d start building the WeWork community there, too.”
<GlobeSt.com> Oct 8, 2018

Seo Eun-sol
Last year was warm rather than hot to me existing somewhere between passion and lethargy. What I like is the candle of delicate and continuous light, and the beautiful glow of setting sun. But what I like more is strange darkness with the candle and coolness around the sunset in autumn.

Kim Tae-young
When I was young, I hated orange flavor candy because it has an artificial flavor.
Therefore, I also disliked anything related to orange including real fruit.
But now, Orange is my favorite fruit.

Laura Perrusson
The earth is blue like an orange. - Paul Eluard

Kim Hannah
At all times, the orange traffic light questions whether to go or not. The color seems to designate somewhere between the continuance and the hiatus. There lies my hesitancy with a small bit of procrastination. 

Na Geum-chae
Decalcomanie - MAMAMOO
Painted by you and me, I feel good.
The orange color painting, I feel good.
It’s a little dangerous, dangerous, dangerous.
However, I can’t stop it, I feel good.

An Kwan-ho
“HEY, APPLE!” - Annoying Orange

Lee Jun-young
I have unforgettable memories.
I remember sharing oranges with my grandmother when I was young.
Even now, that moment reminds me of my grandmother.
Orange is a precious memory to me.

Jang Yu-jin
Personally, orange is a little ambiguous color. Not red, not yellow.
However, orange harmonizes well with other colors.
And I feel fresh when looking at this color, so my favorite fruit juice is orange juice.

Rebekah Woodeson
The orange rays of light represent the beginning of a brand new day.

Kubra Berna Ayyildiz
When I think of orange, what comes to my mind are pumpkins and Halloween.

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