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New Colors for Santa Claus

Do you know an old man who only wears red clothes? He is Santa Claus. Originally, Santa had no fixed images and was depicted in different ways by each country. Haddon Sandblom, an advertising illustrator of Coca-Cola, gave birth to the image of a fat, old and white-bearded man dressing in red in 1931, in an effort to deal with shrinking soda sales in winter. The image has lingered in people’s minds since then. Now, let us present Santa Claus with new clothes. Which outfit would you like to choose?


I suggest that Santa Claus wear navy shorts and a yellow long-sleeved shirt. I think what could symbolize Christmas is yellow, if not red. As yellow represents joy, I chose the color, hoping that Christmas to be a pleasure to everyone.
Aside from the colors, I chose the shorts because Christmas does not have to be winter for everyone. Since it is summer on Christmas in the Southern hemisphere, Santa would not wear warm and furry clothing. I hope Santa Claus to become the symbol of equal bliss for everyone throughout the world.

I think Santa Claus looks best in gold. Gold can express Santa’s generosity. The gold color reminds us of the richness of autumn, which provides us with a fertile land and wide fields of crops. Like this, Santa gives a large number of presents to children all over the world every Christmas. And the gold color makes me feel comfortable. Every evening, I see a view of the sunset in the subway on my way home from school. The golden sky with the sunset removes the fatigue of the day. I wish people could shake away all their worries and take a break on Christmas day watching Santa in gold clothes.

I think white suits Santa Claus well. White has a feeling of pureness and cleanliness, so it goes well with a famous carol like “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” Its lyrics are “You’d better watch out, You’d better not cry, You’d better not pout, I’m telling you why,” or “Santa’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.” Like this, his present represents the purity and simplicity of children’s hearts. In addition, when thinking about Christmas, the white snowy sky where Santa rides a sleigh pulled by Rudolph carrying presents comes to mind. I am sure that Christmas is the biggest event in snowy winter. I hope it will be a White Christmas this year.

I would dress Santa Claus yellow. Yellow represents youth. Because yellow looks warm and cheerful, it especially reminds us of kids’ brightness, symbolizing the innocence of childhood. Christmas is the favorite holiday to kids around the world. I also awaited Christmas day every night throughout December when I was young. I think everyone in the world has experienced the same thing. So, Santa Claus, the idol of children, would look good in yellow clothes.

By Kim Min-ji Cub Reporter

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