Update : 2019.12.16  Mon  No : 507
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Students Fight Against Educational Expenditure Abuse

The General Student Council demanded an apology from the University on Oct. 22 to achieve the stated aims of revoking the emeritus professor title of former president Park Chul, who has been arraigned on charges of embezzling educational expenditures.

“At the forum held on May 30, HUFS President Kim In-Chul clarified that Park’s matter will rest till the Supreme Court hands down a ruling. He also promised not to skirt around and take appropriate measures with the approval of the board of directors from then on,” the 39th Emergency Planning Committee of the Global Campus stated cautiously.

According to the Const. Ct. 2017 Hun-Ma 889 (Aug. 30, 2018), Park’s filed petition against the court was dismissed, which is expected to be handled by the upcoming Teachers? Personnel Committee in mid-November.

“For HUFS, being highly dependent on tuition fees, rectifying this kind of ongoing financial fault should be a priority as to flexibly accede to students’ needs,” said a HUFSan on condition of anonymity.


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