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The Argus in Its Full Color

Jeon Nu-ri
Surprisingly, I must step out of The Argus, which has been my home for two years! Leaving it all behind, I have to open some unfamiliar doors in front of me, even those that creep me out. All the concerns for The Argus will become “old” and “new” worries will jam-pack in my head. I am supposed to shift my focus to more personal things, which seems not very easy. For the opportunity The Argus had given me and that I have luckily grabbed, my gratitude is boundless. Love you all!

Moon Chae-un
Quoting my dad’s mantra of the day: “Don’t just look at each step you’re taking, but lift up your head to see what’s around you.” So many times I am too focused on where my feet are landing, rather than appreciating what I have. In my efforts to be more productive, I might end up rushing through works to achieve short-term gains at the expense of losing my focus on the bigger picture: the sheer joy and happiness of being able to work with these amazingly talented people.

You Seo-yeon
My last term in The Argus has finally come to an end. As an Argusian, I could have priceless friends, experiences and abilities. Those memories for the past two years will always stand by me for the rest of my life. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to spend a piece of my college years working as a student reporter.

Seo Eun-sol
Being part of engine in The Argus was such a wonderful thing. Unlike the past two semesters, I could take some time to think through my role in the team and its existence. I want to thank the readers and interviewees who helped us make The Argus. Working with all the members of The Argus has taught me a lot. Even though there were many that did not go well personally, I believe all the scars made by mistakes are also my constellation.

Kim Tae-young
Working as a reporter of the National Section, there were two unforgettable moments. One is having the interview with Youth Community Union because the young people’s determination to change society for the better impressed me. The other is visiting the rally for refugees. That was a point where I realized how indifferent I was to minorities in society. I think these are experiences that can only be made in The Argus.

Kim Hannah
While working, what troubled me the most was the challenge I face. Every night I had to stay up striving for a better article and I had to test my limits. But in the end, I finally got to realize that working for what I love, with whom I love, there is nothing as a limit. Thank you for all who participated in the publishment of our issue, including my main momentum for working, the readers.

Na Geum-chae
Almost in the blink of an eye, the time I spent as a staff reporter of the Campus Section has ended. I really appreciate all the help from the senior and fellow reporters. Thank you very much to readers and interviewees who are the true owners of my articles. Lastly, I want to send a special shout-out to my bros: Kwan-ho, Park-jae and Jin-na

An Kwan-ho
Every moment in The Argus was, indeed, a sheer pleasure for me. I did sometimes face some challenges that never seemed to be conquered, but just like the song says, “Nothing Lasts Forever.” Even I did not remain idle as I overcame those obstacles, but became a stronger person vesting in a much broader horizon. Just like I found pleasure in my own terms in The Argus, what about finding yours here?

Jang Yu-jin
It took me a blink to finish my term as a staff reporter of the National Section. I still remember that I agonized for days over the items for the September issue during hot summer. In retrospect, each of my activities was meaningful. Among them, interviewing people from different backgrounds and listening to their stories was very intriguing to me. All activities will live inside of me forever.

Lee Jun-young
My experience as a staff reporter of the Culture Section was a new challenge for me. There were times I lost my confidence and passion after a series of failures. However, after I became an Argusian, I set a new goal that I will not regret what I choose. From now on, whenever I face challenges, I will do my best to achieve it, reminding all the memories I had in The Argus.

Laura Perruson
2018 was a year that will be remembered by the way peace was promoted in politics like never before. As citizens of the world, we have to individually strive for peace in our personal lives and in society.

My experience as a guest reporter for The Argus has been a very positive one. I was able to work with a professional, but also kind and open team. They really helped me to improve my writing with their thoughtful feedback. All in all, it was a nice experience to share topics, that are close to my heart, with HUFS.

Rebekah Woodeson
Writing is like art, something which must be practiced, developed and sharpened over time. I have always been passionate about writing and I am always seeking to further advance my skills. Working with the Argus has allowed me to do this with the support and encouragement of such a great team. I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

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