Update : 2019.12.16  Mon  No : 507
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The March to March

Jang Yu-jin
Associate Editor of Culture Section

While preparing for this March issue, I felt interest and burden in my role as associate editor at the same time. It is very fun to experience new things that I have not done, but I found that it is not easy to give a lot of help to other reporters. So, I will do make greater efforts for The Argus.
Moreover, my article was selected to be the cover story for the first time. Through this issue, I felt that it is very important for me to have a lot of affection for my articles. This issue will likely be remembered as a really valuable article for me.

Kim Tae-young
Associate Editor of Global & National Section

During making of this issue, I felt burdened because this is our 500th issue. I thought it should be more special than before. I am afraid I put too much pressure on my colleagues in that process. However, now I know that the important thing is “us.” Our joy and happiness are all that matters. I am really glad to have realized the truth of this sentence through my own experience.

Na Geum-chae
Associate Editor of Theory & Critique Section

BTOB - The Memory of Spring Days
The cold season has passed and spring has come around.
We have been through quite enough this chilly winter.
Although there are lots of things to do in the future,
we are going to do these things step by step with the mildness of spring.
Beautiful days.
Those precious days pass by.
Hoping these times remain as very fond reminiscences,
I cherish every single moment of my life.

Jang Soo-hyun
Staff Reporter of Global & National Section

It takes on average a thousand times for a baby to fall before he or she can walk on their own two feet. The Argus shares approximately a thousand comments before an issue is released. Every commentary points out a side that makes an edgy column and overall creates a better magazine. Amongst the comments going back and forth between the reporters I have learned several different viewpoints I had previously never thought of. As the readers read this March review, I hope they walk with us through each article and see the insights that I have grown so much from.

Kim Min-ji
Staff Reporter of Culture Section

As a staff reporter of the culture section, I am glad to join in the 500th issue of The Argus. After a series of training sessions and editorial meetings, I learned that The Argus was able to complete the 500th issue due to the efforts of reporters. It was my first article, and I was a little clumsy but I was able to finish it safely thanks to help from my fellow reporters, associate editors, editor-in-chief and professors. I hope that readers who are busy with lectures, tasks and exams and have grown tired will have time to take a breath and open their eyes to a wider world by reading my articles.

Kwak Hyun-jeong
Staff Reporter of Theory & Critique Section

I dream of an island identity. A deserted island is an incorporeal being that no longer exists as a fixed point in time or space proposing the concept of virtual multiplicity of change with no settlers, but explorers. The Argus indeed is a community that shares this kind of identity by unfolding and refolding all kinds of inhabited ideas together. Truly, it triggers one to catch numerous opportunities by throwing one completely naked elsewhere. Gilles Deleuze claimed that the characteristic of virtuality exists as it is actualized by being differentiated and is forced to differentiate itself, to create its lines of differentiation in order to be actualized. Through trainings The Argus provides, passing realm one, two and until the final, I wonder how much more humane and wild everyone will turn out to be, “differentiated.” I am certainly excited for that!

Oh Ju-yeong
Staff Reporter of Global & National Section

This March issue was a new challenge for me. It was my first time to write articles and go out to cover stories…etc. It was my first time working as a staff reporter. Although I felt excited about starting as a staff reporter, it was hard for me because I was still inexperienced as a reporter. But I will keep trying harder for readers to read a better article. With the opening of classes, the Argus also starts 2019 with the March issue. The Argus reporters worked hard to write the articles in this issue. Thank you to those who read it, and I wish you all the best things in 2019.

Park Chang-hwan
Staff Report of Theory & Critique Section

I did a lot of preparation for this issue. Meetings lasting for hours on end helped us refine our articles into the final products they are. My article, unfortunately, got refined into nonexistence. There might exist a good idea, but without enough effort, the idea fails to bear fruit. This humbling experience is all in the learning process, and I can say with certainty I will prepare for the 501st issue with new vigor. The 500th issue will always be my first issue as a staff reporter and thus, hold a significant place in my heart. From the start to the end, it was an amazing experience. I can only look forward to what more the Argus has in store for me and more importantly, our readers.

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