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Moon Chae-un

I remember the days when I used to desperately wish to be all grown up. Dreams of sleeping outside at night without my mom’s permission; dreams of going to my desired university; dreams of being old enough to obtain a driving license. Basically, dreams of everything I can do when I am all “grown up.” It is not long before I realized that growing up is never easy. A lot of times I fell off a cliff, things did not go well, and my work had been devalued and marginalized or ignored. However, I have come to a point in life where I realize the fact I am where I am now because of a past decision and action?and look where it brought me! It is now going to shape my future, and it would not have been possible if it were not for The Argus. Thank you to all of you whom I get the privilege to work with each day. My sincere gratitude towards all for making me who I am right now. It feels truly surreal that this is going to be my last “official” issue working with The Argus, but my nostrils quiver at the thought of starting another chapter of my life outside of The Argus. So long, everyone!

Kwak Hyun-jeong

“I am afraid of everything. I am not by nature a profound thinker, and I take little interest in such questions as the life beyond the grave, the destiny of humanity, and, in fact, I am rarely carried away to the heights. What chiefly frightens me is the common routine of life from which none of us can escape. I am incapable of distinguishing what is true and what is false in my actions, and they worry me. I recognize that education and the conditions of life have imprisoned me in a narrow circle of falsity, that my whole life is nothing else than a daily effort to deceive myself and other people, and to avoid noticing it; and I am frightened at the thought that to the day of my death I shall not escape from this falsity. To-day I do something and to-morrow I do not understand why I did it.”
-『Terror』Anton Pavlovich Chekov

Oh Ju-young

This semester also has passed all too soon; the June issue was finished in no time.
The time I spent with The Argus was so special that I will never forget these moments.
As a reporter, I met many people who positively influence society, and from them, I gained enlightenment. Furthermore, I felt that I improved throughout my stint as a cub reporter, helping to prepare and write articles. Above all, I was lucky to meet my colleagues through The Argus. We have spent a lot of time together writing articles, attending every meeting, eating and chatting, etc. There are so many things The Argus family does together and I cannot list all of them. Anyways, for these reasons, I really wish to express my thanks to The Argus. Lastly, I want to express thanks to the readers who read our issues and kept an interest in what we do here at the Argus. The Argus is always trying to publish good articles; please give us lots of support!

Na Geum-chae

Do not forget the glare of the day when we were “us.” You and me back then. It was more like an illusion than a dream. Do not worry. I will cherish the memories of us, to help me remember the season when we part company. I just want you to know that I meant it. Bye.
Fine Dust: Is It Fine??The Devil’s Advocate on Avocado?Chilgung: Traces of the Seven Royal Concubines?The Man Who Started It All: Iron Man. I am always grateful to my fellow reporters, experts and readers who make my article perfect. Last but not least, thank you very much for your help, Kwan-ho.

Kim Min-ji

I have already written the last article of the first semester of 2019. Since February, I have had ups and downs while working as a culture reporter for The Argus. I would like to express my gratitude to my fellow reporters for their unwavering advice and support whenever I faced a problem. Also, I sincerely hope the readers read my articles with interest. My experience as a reporter of The Argus will remain the most rewarding memory of my school life.

Park Chang-hwan

Springtime lethargy hits me like a bus. I lack the energy to do anything and fell into a period of depression. I look outside, and see the world, green and teeming with life. Then, I look within: zip, nada. Nothing really changed, and I am just me, really. I feel void of life, though. The gap between the outside world and my reality pushes me into the deepest recesses of myself. I wonder how far I can fall. The fall is perpetual, as the world becomes greener and brighter, and I become the antithesis. When the burning contrast tears at the bonds that hold me together, time stops. Like a boomerang returning, my state of being rushes back to life. The fiery energy of youth finds me, again and I am rejuvenated. I am catapulted from my state of depression into the highest high, beyond where I used to be, all the way to the horizon. Spring does not mean me any harm. Spring lets me know how precious it is. Spring gives me the most life.

Jang Yu-jin

This semester, time really passed by quickly. I cannot believe the time to finish up my duties as a reporter at The Argus is coming to an end. I hope that the articles that I have written in the meantime have given a lot of joy to the readers. As I wrote this last article and looked back at my works in The Argus, many memories flashed through my mind. In the beginning of this semester, I felt a lot of pressure as an associate editor, but I could experience so many valuable things thanks to my position.
Activities and duties that I undertook for The Argus occupied a very big part of my university life. I will never forget the precious and happy experiences in The Argus.

Jang Soo-hyun

My largest takeaway from this semester would be my mental breakdowns. Although it may sound odd, I actually learned three valuable insights from my breakdowns. The first thing I learned is that it is very easy to have a breakdown. The second thing was learning how to get back up. Every individual has their own way of finding their way back up, and I found mine through my experiences here at The Argus. The last thing I learned is that there are going to be continuous challenges from here and beyond, and time is too precious to waste it on what is already over.

Kim Tae-young

Just stop your crying
It is a sign of the times
Welcome to the final show
Hope you are wearing your best clothes
Remember everything will be alright
We can meet again somewhere
Somewhere far away from here
-“Sign of The Times” Harry Styles

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