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Na Geum-chae
Sometimes we forget about the value of precious beings. As they were always there, we just took them for granted. We are blind with familiarity, and act as if we had done it on our own. Then, we pay the price as usual. Should not we never repeat the mistakes of the Greek gods who realized Demeter’s preciousness after her curse? Do not be taken in by familiarity.
“Where tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers therefore are the founders of human civilization.” - Daniel Webster

Kwak Hyun-jeong
We’re prone to overestimate our own agency in nature. Many of the activities humans like to think they undertake for their own good purposes?inventing agriculture, outlawing certain plants?are mere contingencies as far as nature is concerned... Our grammar might teach us to divide the world into active subjects and passive objects, but in a coevolutionary relationship every subject is also an object, every object a subject. That’s why it makes just as much sense to think of agriculture as something the grasses did to people as a way to conquer the trees.
-Michael Pollan: The Botany of Desire

Kim Min-ji
Imagine a table without rice and kimchi.
Imagine a table without bread and pasta.
It must be very empty, right?
Just try hamburgers without French fries.
Just try cheese without wine.
Something is missing, right?
Without agriculture, we lose our daily pleasure of eating.

Park Chang-hwan
Genesis 8:22
22While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.
As long as we remain on this Earth, seedtime and harvest will always accompany us. Let us not forget how precious the gift of farming is.

Oh Ju-yeong
Since the beginning of industry, human beings have achieved splendid development through theorizing and critiquing, or perhaps discussing the growth of society, or through the nurturing of culture. In September, The Argus focuses on the primary industry which marks the beginning of humankind and is foundational to the other industries. Are you ready to enjoy the articles of The Argus? Welcome to The Argus!

Kim Ji-hyeon
Agriculture is a traditional thing but it is an essential thing to people in Korea. Can you imagine a meal without rice?
There is a famous saying “Koreans need to eat rice(Bapsim).”
We should be aware of the importance of the agriculture so let us read about it with The Argus!

Mun Ji-hyun
“As a man sows, so shall he reap” is an idiom that I like the most. Just as our ancestors endeavored to cultivate mother nature to make us what we are today, I should try hard to get the best of me in The Argus. 

Yoo Chan-heum
People sometimes do not appreciate what is really important to them and forget about it. Human society is just the same. Of course we have fancy technologies, such as VR. and IoT. But that did not help us exist this long, right? Then, what is the real important thing that we maybe have forgotten? Find out about with The Argus in September about the real thing we forgot: “agriculture.”

Jung Min-yeong
Agricultural products sustain our lives. However, we easily forget how precious they are. Starting with being thankful for what we eat everyday, I hope we become people who know to appreciate everything we get.

Choi Yun-jeong
 “Agriculture” is derived from the Latin word “Cultura” which means cultivation and care. This meaning gradually expanded from the cultivation of crops to the cultivation of humans. Then Culture became an independent noun in the late 18th centuries. As a Staff Reporter of Culture Section, I realized that before we started agriculture, humans were also just of nature, without Culture.

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