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Road Casting
Turn on Music When the First Snow Knocks Our Hearts

In November, when the cold wind creeps up on us and we start to bundle up, we might wait for the first snow to come. The streets are covered with white snow, the night view shines, the puppies jump up and down in the snow with their tails wagging, and people drink warm coffee while looking at the snow… It is a day like any other. However, snowy days somehow engrave special memories in our minds. The promise to meet your loved ones on that day, the moment you feel your heart swelling with thrills… All these precious memories mix with the music from the snow-covered street, making our hearts flutter. Do you have a song that melts your frozen body and heart with the first snow?

When the first snow falls, Christmas is just around the corner, so carols often hover in my head all day long. Of the many carols, “Mistletoe” is the first thing that comes to mind for me. While preparing for a tough entrance exam, I heard this song while shopping with friends in a nearby downtown area after studying late at school. The warm melody and sentimental lyrics rang in my heart so much that I stopped walking in the middle of the street and listened until the end of the song. Since then, I enjoy listening to this song looking at the snowy scenery from the window, drinking a warm café latte in a very pretty cafe with someone I love.

Ariana Grande has released a variety of carol songs, but “Snow in California” is one of the songs I especially hear more often when it snows. The first time I heard this song was on a snowy day, having dinner at a restaurant. On a snowy day, the song at the restaurant was so good that I memorized a few lyrics and searched for the title of the song based on them. As I listen to the song, I feel as if I am standing alone on a snowy street at dawn. In fact, I once walked through the snowy nightlife singing this song, and it was a fantastic moment. I would like to hear this song and feel this emotion again this winter when it snows for the first time.

One day, four years ago when the first snow fell, I worked part-time in a clothing shop in Myung-dong. The manager loved “Because It Is Christmas,” and so she played it repeatedly. The lyrics are about confessing one’s love to a lover on a snowy day. The melody is sweet and makes my heart flutter. But my situation was contrary to the lyrics that were filled with happiness. There were so many customers who visited our shop and a pile of clothes I had to organize. But I glided into humming because the song continued during work. It was a song cheering me up on the first snowy day.

When I was an elementary student, there was a native English teacher whom I liked. One day, when the first snow fell, the teacher played “Last Christmas” and said that he enjoys listening to this every time the first snow falls. At first, I did not expect anything from the song. But I became fascinated by the song because the singer’s voice was as soft as a cotton candy and lumpy clouds as soon as I heard it. And the singer looked similar to my teacher, and so I felt like he was singing. We laughed cheerfully while listening to the song.

2019.11.14  No : 506
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