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HUFS Welcomes Freshmen in Admission Ceremony

HUFS held the admission ceremony and festival to welcome the freshmen class of 2013 academic year at Olympic Hall, Seoul, on Feb. 20.

The ceremony, held for the incoming students in both campuses, proceeded in English under the presidency of Kim Dae-seong, dean of External Affairs. The event started with a grand procession on the red carpet. HUFS President Park Chul led the announcement of permitting admission, followed by several orders including an oath by a freshman representative. Park congratulated the students for their accomplishments and explained the latest policies, events and prospects of HUFS.

After the congratulatory messages from Park and the HUFS Alumni Association chairman, Kwon Soon-han, the festival started. In the beginning, a sand animation was ready for the opening performance. Several undergraduate student clubs prepared congratulatory performances for incoming students to feel welcome as the newest HUFSans. The clubs such as Leela, Haul, and Twimbo performed vernacular dance and songs. The festival ended with a performance by Youn Ha, HUFS alumna from the Department of Japanese Interpretation and Translation.
Lee Ye-seo, a freshman majoring Hindi, said “I was impressed to see the performances which showed the characteristics of diverse countries. Now I am also thrilled as a student at a truly global university. I’m really looking forward to having a great campus life in HUFS.”


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